A Willing Masterpiece – The Master Potter – Inspirational Bible Verses

A Willing Masterpiece – The Master Potter – Inspirational Bible Verses

by Darrell Creswell



Our lives are a masterpiece, and God is our Master Sculptor. God starts with crude non-distinguishable chunks of clay and begins to mold us with love and care from His Son. He begins working His grace in our lives and slowly creates the form that resembles a work of art in human form.

Clay has no plans of its own. It has no aspirations for glory, not even for service. Clay is clay, and it is even reluctant to perform its own given task, it is simply clay. Clay is moldable, pliable, subjective to creation, desiring a creator, and totally submissive to the will of its master.

Isaiah 64:8 O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of Your hand.

God allows situations into our lives, and His love covers us as we are molded and purified by fire. We are God’s handiwork, crafted by His hand, and molded by His grace.

There are people who believe that their lives are useless – their lives are broken, talents wasted, fires quenched, and dreams dashed. They feel tossed aside, are in desperate need of repair, with no notion of purpose. God can make a masterpiece from a broken vessel.

There are others with their hearts open, hungry to change, wounds healing, and visions clearing. They welcome the painful molding of the Potter’s hands, longing to be rebuilt, begging to be called.

As we allow our lives to be sculpted by the Master’s hands we will become, well-tuned, happy, polished, and productive. We must respond to our Master’s care, demanding nothing, and surrendering all.

In our lives, much work is needed to transform the crude chunks of clay that represent our lives.  We are skillfully transformed by the Master’s hand into a precious masterpiece, by the handiwork of God, the Master Sculptor.

There are many rough edges attached to the rough initial first cast, but by the Master’s hands the protrusions, scars, and blemishes are removed by the working of the Spirit in our lives, and are continually being polished away.   Much work is needed to transform the crude chunks of clay before they are then treated by fire and worked skillfully by the Master’s hand to remove all blemish and scars to finally reveal a masterpiece.

With the eyes of the Spirit, we can see our Lord—the artist—in love, crafting with His hands a vision for our lives that only He can create.

Melt in His presence and allow Him to mold and shape you into the person that He desires you to be. Our Lord wishes us to be . . . like clay.

As you allow God to work in your life today, realize that today is not just another day in a progression of the same.  Each day is a gift from the Lord. In realizing this, we should be grateful for today.

Open your eyes and see that God has molded everything around you –the beauty of the sky, the majesty of the mountains, and the glory of the heavens. God created them all, and molded them together—their beauty for our eyes to behold.

Likewise, God has created each and every person that your eyes will see today. Each and every face tells the story that hides behind their countenance. Their faces tell a tale of not only their life, but of the generations that came before them contributing to whom they are today –each one created by God.

Open your heart to those around you that they may be blessed by you, by your smile, by your touch, and by your presence. Let God mold you like clay that He may use you to mold the lives of those around you, so that the love of Christ might be manifested in all that you do.

Romans 12:2   Allow God to transform you. He will mold you and renew your mind as He changes your way of thinking. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Then you will always be able to decide what God’s will for you which is good, pleasing, and perfect.

Allow the Lord to give your life purpose. Allow him to mold your mind to transform your very thinking, and allow His love to shine through you, making an impact in others’ lives. The more you become as clay, and allow God to mold you, the clearer your calling in life will become. As God molds you and uses you, your goals in life will not be to reach the places that you desire, but to find the destinations that He has waiting for you. In allowing God to mold you like clay, your life will have greater meaning, lasting significance, and results that will last for eternity, and not just a day, or a moment in time.

Realize that you are the handiwork of God, the Master Sculptor, and that you are a masterpiece molded and sculpted by the Lord. Your life in Christ is a thing of beauty that even Michelangelo in all his glory could not even come close to creating.


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