Looking for God in the Wrong Places

Looking for God in the Wrong Places

by Wayne Stiles

The world makes promises it can’t keep.It says the reason we’re unhappy is that we just haven’t found the right whateveryet.The right spouse, the right hairdo, the right salary, the right entertainment system, the right church, the right pastor, the right Bible, the right seminar, ad infinitum . . . ad nauseam.58676487 w Looking for God in the Wrong Places

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You don’t have to be without Jesus to fall into the trap. Even those of us who do believe in Jesus can chase those shadows.

But God won’t let us hide from reality. He loves us too much.

God Invades Our Futile Quest

When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well about her deepest need, her mind stayed wedged in the realm of the natural.

She sought purpose and security in relationships. Jesus exposed her sin in order to show its solution.

  • Cornered and uncomfortable, the Samaritan woman dodged the subject.
  • Jesus graciously brought her back.
  • Again, she sidestepped the issue by saying that when the Messiah comes, then we’ll know the truth. She figured that pulling the Messiah card was her ace in the hole.

Jesus’ final statement shook her to the core.

“I who speak to you am He” (John 4:26).

Okay . . . so . . . now what? No more excuses.

As the woman leaves the scene, not only does she leave her water pot, but she also leaves the life she came with.

She went to the people of the city she had previously avoided and told them about Jesus, the Messiah. The woman had come to the well for water, and she left with living water.

Oh, that we all would drop our water pots!

Looking for God in the Wrong Places

Even those of us who do believe in Jesus can lower our water buckets down the wrong wells. We may not know we’re looking for God. But we are. Only He satisfies.

He’ll give us proddings, even piercings, to lead us to the truth we fear facing:

“God alone remains our source of satisfaction and the greatest motivation in our lives.” (Tweet that.)

Jesus’ words to the woman—“Everyone who drinks of this water shall thirst again”—apply to more than water (John 4:13). They relate to everything—everything—we draw from in life for meaning and purpose apart from the One who spoke the words.

Saint Augustine correctly observed, “Our heart does not rest until it rests in God.”

Question: Why do you think people are looking for God in relationships and things and not Him?

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1 Response to Looking for God in the Wrong Places

  1. Q. Why do you think people are looking for God in relationships and things and not Him?

    Every person will seek to fill an ’emptiness’ in their lives – that empty space designed for God’s residence, and which can ONLY be filled by Him, and by Him as King of the life. I know I sought for something to satisfy that inner longing but nothing ever satisfied until He claimed me for His own.

    Every blood-bought, adopted child of the living God will also live an unsatisfied life if that space is not filled with God. When we know the abiding presence of the living, triune God, and we seek to allow Him to rule in every area of our lives, we will KNOW His peace, His joy, the satisfaction that only He can give, and the freedom which comes from being in His will.

    In answer to the question, they have not yet ‘tasted that the Lord is good’. Once a person has experienced the pure delight of walking with God, they KNOW it is the ONLY place to be and that satisfaction in all areas of life come from our relationship with Him.

    What an amazing God!

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