The Gospel Truth

Luke 7:18-23

While growing up, John had become convinced that his cousin Jesus, is the Messiah that was promised in Isaiah (and throughout the Bible).  John had been born to testify and pave the road of repentance, for the coming of Jesus’s ministry.  He was to prepare people for the coming of the Messiah and His ministry.  John fulfilled this call on his life.

He baptized Jesus and made a public announcement as to the Divinity of Jesus.  He was a staunch supporter and believer of Jesus and His ministry.  Believing God was comfortable for John.  He worked diligently at leading others to repentance and turning to Jesus.  He was so influential that he made disciples of his own ministry that went out to baptize and lead others to repentance.  Men that John taught about the arrival of the Kingdom of God and the Messiah. Believing God was comfortable for John until .. He was taken out of his comfort zone and put into prison.  In prison, he was hated, ridiculed, mocked and threatened with death.  All of this began to have an effect on John’s confidence in Jesus as the promised Messiah.  In his moments of doubt, John sends two of his own disciples to question Jesus and His Divinity.

Jesus defends His Divinity by pointing out what God has done through Him.  Jesus does not defend His reputation.  Rather, He points John’s disciples in the direction of the fulfilling of the gospel … “The blind see, the lame walk, the dead live again, the deaf hear, the poor have hope in a better life”.   Jesus does tell the disciples, “Yes, I am He”.  Instead, He gives proof and evidence, of His being sent by God as the Messiah.  He directs the disciples to regard the manifestations that have taken place, this is His testimony of Divinity.  And Jesus goes on to warn the disciples to tell John to not become offended by Him.  In other words, to not reject His counsel, which is His Word.  John had already begun to do this when he asked his disciples to go to Jesus.  When John has his doubts and his faith is wavering, Jesus points him to the truth of the gospel.

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  1. ptl2010 says:

    Hi Deborah, thank you for your contributions. May the joy of Christmas and the peace of God abide with you through this season and the year ahead. Be a blessing whereever He sends and blesses you.


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