Complete freedom from the Adamic Nature

It has been my privilege to research and write about the Adamic Nature and it’s relation to the human soul for over 25 years. During these years I have written a series of documents on the subject of the Adamic Nature. These were developed and found to be placed into a sequential order on the Internet. God has opened doors for these writings to be published and scattered around the Globe. Through life’s Spirit led endeavor to preach Christ and share Bible Truth, God has allowed me to develop a System of Theology and Internet library…for you the reader. This Theological Library is found easy and free on Word Press, Christian Blessings and Google by searching for the Adamic Nature . Enjoy this latest exposition on the subject of, “Freedom from the Adamic Nature.”

The subject of the Adamic Nature is as subject that many people lack full understanding about. Some students fail to realize the Divine Nature is greater than the Adamic nature. Some say you always have to live with the Adamic Nature regardless of the Divine Nature received in the new birth. Some feel you have to live under sin’s rule your whole life as a child of God. From the pulpits across our nation today, countless hearers are being told that the Adamic Nature is greater than God’s Grace. This concept is “NOT” Biblically correct. The Bible states, “Greater is Christ and His God-given nature to the new born Christian!” The intent of this writing is to convey what God says about the matter. Not man!

God’s holiness is greater than any man’s unholiness. In the Grace Covenant we now live under God’s Holiness is given to the believing heart and found within the make-up of child of God. Sinners are called to holiness by the preaching of the Gospel message. In the conversion of a sinner when old things pass away “all” things become new. “New things” include the Divine nature given to man which is created by God in the new birth. The new birth is a birth of the new God-given nature of righteousness and holiness. The Divine Nature is granted to fallen man as a result of the broken will that comes through belief and trust in a Savior for personal forgiveness. When the will of fallen man is broken by the Spirit of God the believer (for the first time in his life) has power over the dominion of sin; the lusts of the flesh; and wrongful living. The make-up of a child of God thus is made, “holy”.

The Biblical fact of the matter is, “God gives the penitent sinner (which is a believer in Christ) power the do right or what the Bible terms as righteousness. The blessing of God’s imputed righteousness flows from the power of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ… into the believing heart” of the penitent. Grace comes into the believing heart. Holiness comes into the believing heart. Righteousness comes in, and the Divine nature comes in. A new creature in Christ is birthed from above. The old will of fallen man was broken. The clean heart from Christ was given. A desire to quit sin was given to the believing heart. A clean conscience came when all guilt from past sins was removed. Grace thus abounds in righteousness and holiness. No condemnation in Christ. Greater is He that is “now” in you. The make-up of a child of God becomes clean and holy…with God-given power to do right.

What does this mean concerning the Adamic Nature? Does the Adamic Nature still exist? If the Divine Nature is greater what about the Adamic Nature? The Adamic Nature still exists…but doesn’t rule. The Divine Nature rules and God’s Grace is greater than the Adamic. This is Bible Truth. Where sin abounds Grace does much more abound. The problem lies in what people are being told and being taught about the Old Adam. People are taught the Adamic Nature will always get the best of you. People are taught they will always have to live with this condition. People are misled into believing such falsities. These human opinions and traditional teachings have caused men to fail God, and fall from God by the thousands maybe millions.

The Bible teaches about the Adamic Nature and how to have freedom from its rule and dominion. The New Man is greater than the Old Man. Christian’s live the new way (which is holy), not the old way of unholiness. Rebellion against God ceases when you get to Calvary and find forgiveness. Then, and only then can the Spirit of God can show the believing heart how to get rid of the still existing Adamic Nature. The new birth is a new creature with a new way of life. The Adamic Nature only “tries” to rule the new creation in Christ. The Adamic Nature does not rule. There will be memories of the old life but the new life prevails. There will be temptations relating to things you used to do but now you know better. There are old associations but God has shown you how to stay clear of such. This is the truth behind God’s opinion and not man’s opinion.

The Holy Spirit convicts the sinner and breaks the fallen will enough for fallen man to believe. After conversion the Holy Spirit shows this believing heart how to get away from the Adamic Nature that still tries to rule the life. This is where the power of God comes back into play. The power behind God’s Spirit of Holiness shows man “death to self”. Self being the place of entry to conflict with the Divine Nature. Self being the weak link into the make-up of the believing heart. Self being the object of God’s sanctifying power in the life of a believer. The will of a saved man must now be “crushed” or “destroyed” completely. The Adamic Nature has to be dealt with by the sanctifying power of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. This baptism which comes after the new birth is God’s method of freedom and deliverance from the still existing Adamic Nature.

God gives forgiveness to the sinner but He also gives freedom from the Adamic Nature to the saved man. Yes, you can have complete deliverance from the Old Adam in the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. In this blessing of sanctification from the Old Adam you don’t only have a broken will, you now have a will completely “crushed” by the power of the Holy Spirit. The human will and self is taken out of the picture. The white flag of surrender goes up. The old man is crucified. The old man is buried. The old man is put to death. I give up Lord, I’m yours completely. Thank You Jesus.

Freedom from the Adamic Nature is Bible Truth based on leaving Romans 7 and getting into Romans 8. Freedom is not just the broken will but the will is completely crushed! Like being Issac instead of Ishmael. Like coming out of the wilderness and having a Mt. Zion experience. Glory! The Old Adam can be put to death completely. The body of sin can be destroyed. God said so! You can be freed by Grace. Freed from the Old Adam. Delivered from the body of sin that wasn’t dealt with when you got saved. Not forgiven…but delivered. No more inner conflict. Surrendered completely. The flesh is crucified Dead to the old you. The Adamic nature cannot be confessed. The Adamic Nature must be destroyed by God. When God destroys the Adamic Nature you will be “free”.

Romans 6:6…Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. For he that is dead is freed from sin.

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Since 1988 I’ve been writing and doing service for the Lord. It all began in 1987 after a personal walk began with the Lord. This personal walk with the Lord I speak of turned into extensive Bible studies and later evolved into blogging in early 2000. At present I write, author, and publish several different sites on the Internet. My Blogs contain a vast library of Theological writings, teaching videos, and preaching audios that currently go around the globe for the cause of Christ. I write at Christian Blessings on Wordpress, Holy Hubert Lindsey Group on Facebook, Churches on Trial at Google, publish You Tube videos, record sermons at, etc. I also pastor a Church called the Upper Room in Williamsburg, Ohio . My secular Blog called Southwestern Ohio Fishing on Wordpress is where I write about experiences with my son and fishing partner Chad where we together enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty mixed with Father God’s creation. At Southwestern Ohio Fishing Blog I also publish favorite recipes for those who enjoy eating and cooking as much as this writer does. Thanks for sharing your time and life with this writer at the Blogs. Here's more access to my ministry and fishing Blog if you'd care to check them out further. Bible Truth Christian Blessings Holy Hubert Group Facebook Churches on Trial Hubert Lindsey YouTube videos The Upper Room Southwestern Ohio Fishing Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it! God Bless!
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