Faith Child – Help! there is one in prison

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed”. Luke 4:18

Deliverance to the captives – This is a figure originally applicable to those who were in captivity in Babylon. They were miserable. To grant deliverance to “them” and restore them to their country – to grant deliverance to those who are in prison and restore them to their families – to give liberty to the slave and restore him to freedom, was to confer the highest benefit and impart the richest favor. In this manner the gospel imparts favor. It does not, indeed, “literally” open the doors of prisons, but it releases the mind captive under sin; it gives comfort to the prisoner, and it will finally open all prison doors and break off all the chains of slavery, and, by preventing “crime,” prevent also the sufferings that are the consequence of crime. To preach deliverance to the captives; who are captives to sin, Satan, and the law; from which, there is only deliverance by him; who saves his people from their sins, redeems them from the law, and leads captivity captive; and which liberty and deliverance are preached and published in the Gospel, and by Christ the author of them.

Take the love and truth of Jesus Christ behind prison walls, and into your community

Believers are involved in the following Prison ministry, just one among many others:

Prison Fellowship® (PF™) fulfills this vision and mission by equipping local churches and volunteers to bring about lasting life change for prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families through the love and truth of Christ.

Justice Fellowship® fulfills this vision and mission by advocating for reforms to the justice system so that communities become safer, victims are respected, and offenders are transformed.

Colson Center® for Christian Worldview fulfills this vision and mission by building and equipping a movement of Christians committed to living out the essential truths of their faith in all aspects of life.

PRISON FELLOWSHIP  believes that no life is beyond the reach of God’s power. Through partnership with the local church and other nonprofit organizations, we work together to meet the spiritual, physical, and personal needs of prisoners and their families, with the ultimate goal of seeing them restored to Christ, their families and their communities.

In-Prison Ministry

Take the love and truth of Jesus Christ behind prison walls. With caring, commitment, and training from Prison Fellowship, you can help inmates navigate the road to transformation.

In collaboration with partner organizations, Prison Fellowship carries out evangelistic campaigns in prisons throughout the United States, drawing inmates to hear the Gospel through testimonies, concerts, and other attractions. These events are made possible with the help of in-prison event volunteers.

In-prison event volunteers attend special events at correctional facilities close to where they live. These special events last for one to three days, and volunteers generally interact with inmates in a group setting. With the necessary training from Prison Fellowship, volunteers may hand out evangelistic materials, share the Gospel, and demonstrate caring through their presence.

In-prison facilitators use the Bible—as well as materials approved or developed by Prison Fellowship—to help inmates apply God’s Word to their daily lives in areas ranging from addiction to parenting. Rather than simply dictating information, facilitators engage inmates in thoughtful discussions of the issues they face, teaching them to take hold of the power of Scripture to change their lives.

Have you ever wanted to do more with all of the knowledge you soak up during Sunday service and Bible studies? This is your chance. You don’t have to have a degree in theology, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never led a Bible study before. Let Prison Fellowship give you the training and tools you need to share the life-changing truths of God’s Word.

An in-prison team member partners with a group of Christian volunteers from a single church, multiple churches or Christian organizations; coming together to serve in unity toward the common goal of seeking the transformation of prisoners through the power and truth of Jesus Christ.

These volunteers meet regularly to pray, plan for, and deliver Christ-centered ministry such as worship services, Bible studies, seminars, parenting classes, various special events and many other ministry offerings, as the facility allows.

Prison Fellowship mentors are regular people from diverse backgrounds, encouragers who go into correctional settings to develop one-on-one relationships with an inmate of their same gender. With authenticity, gentleness, and respect, they model Godly attitudes and behaviors for their mentees. They also help prepare an inmate for transition back into the family, church, and community, by helping them establish goals, learn life skills, and grow towards greater maturity. Mentors demonstrate commitment and genuine care along the long-term road to transformation.

Turn your life experience and caring into an opportunity for an inmate to change. Let Prison Fellowship give you everything you need to become an in-prison mentor.

Community  Ministry

The challenges of a prison sentence don’t stop at the gate. With a heart of compassion and training from Prison Fellowship, you can help ex-prisoners struggling to return to the community as productive citizens, and you can offer hope to families coping with a loved one’s incarceration.

Mentor an ex-prisoner

Mentors are Prison Fellowship trained encouragers who help soon-to-be-released and recently released inmates of their same gender carry out a thoughtful plan for reentry into society, including full compliance with conditions of release, as well as reintegration into family, church, and community.

As the ex-prisoner first engages with the significant challenges of reentry, the mentor provides a listening ear, encouragement, practical advice, and accountability. The relationship naturally decreases in intensity as the ex-prisoner reaches increasing levels of independence and maturity.

Reentry team member

For most prisoners, reentry—the transition from prison back into the community—is one of the most difficult parts of the prison sentence. Prison Fellowship reentry team members connect prisoners with the resources available to help ex-prisoners succeed, like addiction counseling, employment services, food, clothing, and housing. As ex-prisoners see their basic needs met, they gain a sense of security that helps them avoid criminal alternatives for good.

Let Prison Fellowship train you to help ex-prisoners access critical services and become productive, law-abiding members of the community.

Join the Prayer Team

Join our community of intercessors and watch the power of God at work

Make a Donation

Your support will bring light to the lost, hope to the despairing, and healing to the broken.

Online Courses

Take a Free online course on prison culture, in-prison ministry, or mentoring.

Prison can be just as tough for those left at home. Loneliness, social rejection, and financial strains can weigh you down and make you feel like you’re the one serving the time. We want you to know you don’t have to face this time alone. Here are a few places to turn:

  • Angel Tree: Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree ministry serves the children of prisoners by giving them gifts on behalf of their incarcerated parents and by surrounding them all year long with a loving community. For more information on Angel Tree, click here or contact our National Angel Tree Support Center at 1-800-552-6435.
    • Resources for Chaplains: Chaplains are on the front lines for Angel Tree to connect with incarcerated parents. Here you will find the resources you need to start Angel Tree in your prison or to continue your prison’s participation.
    • Resources for Angel Tree Church Coordinators: Church Coordinators are the hands and feet of the Angel Tree ministry. Here you will find the resources you need to support your church participation in Angel Tree.
    • Resources for going beyond Christmas: That first Christmas connection can be the beginning of a rewarding ongoing relationship between Angel Tree children and their local church. Here you will find resources to help your church continue Angel Tree ministry throughout the year.
    • Family Embraced: Family Embraced is a creative combination of videos, facilitated small-group discussions, and group activities developed by Angel Tree to help churches take that next step of investment in the lives of prisoners’ children, their caregivers, and their incarcerated parents.
    • Resources for In-Prison Sign-Up Coordinators: The Angel Tree Sign-Up Kit is designed to help you and your volunteer teams increase your ministry impact with the prison chaplains, prisoners, and prisoners’ families involved with Angel Tree.
    • Angel Tree Volunteer Handbook
  • Inside Journal: Inside Journal is a four-page newspaper published four times a year – in May, August, November and February. While individual subscriptions are not available, chaplains, program coordinators, and in-prison volunteers sign up on behalf of their facilities, receiving bulk orders that are then distributed to inmates. At just 10 cents a copy to print and ship, Inside Journal is a cost-effective ministry tool that complements that ministry of those already holding out the light of Christ to inmates in our nation’s prisons and jails.

    If you have a friend or family member behind bars, we encourage you to print out a copy of Inside Journal and mail it to them as a source of encouragement, information, and inspiration!

  • Prisoner Pen Pals: You could establish your own pen pal ministry using our guide Visit Prison in an Envelope to be a much-needed source of encouragement and friendship to a lonely prisoner. This simple guide explains how to find a prisoner pen pal, how to write letters of encouragement and discipleship, and how to trouble-shoot typical problems that may arise.
  • Resources for Loved Ones behind Bars: Click here for a list of articles you can print out and send to a prisoner.
  • Volunteers: To find out how to be a part of Prison Fellowship’s ministry to prisoners and their families, visit our get involved pages.
  • MediaFind press and news releases, Prison Fellowship images and multimedia, or book an interview with PF leadership.

Extract Reference :

Response: I will go to those in prison who are captives in body, mind or spirit as You send me Lord, and be Your channel of love and blessing to them and their families. Lead, guide and help me discern those in need of a helping hand, encouragement and just by the mere presence of being there, a shoulder, a hand, feet and a song to cheer. Grant Your love, joy peace this world cannot understand, to help those who are in need.For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

 I was in prison and you came to visit. Matthew 25:36


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2 Responses to Faith Child – Help! there is one in prison

  1. rickroehm says:

    Heb 13:3…Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

    The light of the Glorius Gospel can shine in any dark place. The light of the Glorius Gospel can take the worst criminal…and make him or her new in Christ. God takes people as they are and morally changes them by the power of Divine Grace that flows from Calvary.

    Jesus, set the captives free.

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