Urgent Prayer Request – Floods – Queensland and New South Wales

Folks I have received an email from our Cloudwatcher for urgent prayer for the people who are suffering from the floods and I best quote her:

” Firstly, let me say we are completely safe. Our house is high and dry. We are running out of FRESH foods, with little milk, fruit, veges and meat left, but we are not concerned.

You might have heard on the news that floods have swamped all coastal Queensland and northern New South Wales.

The hardest hit of all is Bundaberg (where we live).

Bundaberg suffered six tornados from ex-cyclone Oswald. We received over 20 inches of rain (530mm) and are in the grips of the biggest flood in history.

7000 people have been evacuated from their homes, 1500 winched from their rooftops by 14 helicopters.

Many of the evacuations were at night time by night-vision army helicopters, because the river broke its banks and water at 75kph very quickly encroached on the whole of North Bundaberg. All roads out were blocked. The water was too swift and the water too full of debris for water rescues.

More than 3000 houses and 300 businesses are under water.
Hundreds of houses will be too badly damaged to be restored.

The public hospital and two nursing homes were also evacuated.
Bundaberg is cut off by road, hence no fresh food etc.
Many areas have no power, phone, internet.
Many of the evacuated are elderly. Apart from the trauma they have suffered, the very high humidity since the rain stopped is telling on them.

The river reached its peak last night but it will be days before the clean-up can begin.

Most of the people evacuated from North Bundaberg will have lost all their possessions, because there was little time to prepare and no roads open to move things to higher ground. Houses were also destroyed by the tornados.

I repeat we are safe, high and dry, with no damage other than a few fallen branches.
We have power. My internet has been spasmodic and slow but I have it.

Prayers for Bundaberg people are appreciated, and prayers for the Christians here, that opportunities will be given to bring hope to people in seemingly hopeless conditions.

In Christ


Let us pray:

Dear Father,
We thank You for Your protection on Angela and Myles and their property. Our hearts go out to the many people of Bunderberg and the areas around. Lord they are suffering with loss of home and property and great hardship and we pray that You will help them and cause the floods and the storms to subside as soon as possible. Send the rescuers in to the people who are in desperation for safety, and sustenance. Help the authorities who are planning and implementing disaster relief for safety, refuge, electric and communications reinstatement. Give the wisdom and ideas how they may conduct rescues and in safe manner. Please provide warm and dry clothes and food and shelter, especially for those who are weak and stricken with age and sickness. Be unto them their hope and salvation and as the people acknowledge, please be their Refuge and strength. In the recovery and rebuild help neighbours to help each other being kind one to another, help the government and insurers and aid agencies to be merciful and kind and sympathetic to help those who have been financially ruined and poverty stricken . O God please put your love in our hearts that we may not only respond in love and prayers but also in kind in the aftermath as You lead us to. We ask for Your mercy and grace especially for Your children – be their Strength and let them feel Your wonder- working Presence in their midst. Inspire fresh hope and deliver them from all evil as nothing can separate them from Your love. In Jesus’ precious Name we pray, amen.

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6 Responses to Urgent Prayer Request – Floods – Queensland and New South Wales

  1. I am in Logan, South East, Queensland. We are also safe and with power. The good Lord has held us in His protective arms. We pray also for those who have suffered. From all of us and those who we know who are stranded and struggling through. Your prayers are appreciated. Blessings to you!

    • ptl2010 says:

      Thank God you are safe. Let us pray that those who have lost all their earthly possessions will come to the Father who gives them riches in Jesus Christ, which floods, rust and moth cannot take away from them forever. May they ( we too) realize the futility of the things of this world and grasp from the hand of our Saviour life eternal.

  2. Thank you Evelyn.
    Update: The waters have peaked but it will be days before most of the inundated houses can be accessed and the clean up begin, but clean up has begun in some areas not as badly affected.

    It isn’t just water through the houses, but thick mud. All of the contents will be affected and most likely ruined. In many cases, walls and ceilings will also need replacing. At least one house has lifted from its stumps and travelled on the current, badly damaged by debris, and possibly damaging other homes.

    As soon as the waters recede a “mud army” of volunteers will help those affected and 120 defence force troops, with equipment, are ready to come to help as soon as the roads are open.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Thank you for the update Cloudwatcher. It must be heart- breaking to lose all one has worked for but the Lord’s grace is sufficient for those who love The Lord. He is the Supplier of their every need for He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

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