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The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. – Psalm 103:8

Smoking billows from the ears, eyes glinting, mouth spewing unforgettable, condemning and irreparable words that never can be retracted. I am fairly certain that many out there have had this feeling before. That feeling where you feel like the famous Indonesian Krakatoa volcano  on its large and violent eruption which caused irreparable damage to the Indonesian islands and its surrounding lands. .

Is anger  a short fuse for you or a smoldering fire cracker till you hear the loud bang! For such people anger can be a major challenge in  every day personal life and can cause many problems with much negativity. Some people are very edgy, seemingly irritable in just about any given situation. Other people may have a calm overall nature but still have a very short temper to the point where problems and conflicts emerge.

Manifestations of anger can be at  a person’s place of employment, in their personal life, and in their conscious and unconscious mind. Drivers, Christian and non – Christian face terrible temptation when there is a snarling traffic jam and the driver is late for an important appointment , when someone runs across a road in front of them causing screeching jamming of brakes, when a road hog meanders from one lane to the next.

A normally meek person could suddenly manifest such aggressiveness with the tongue, and seemingly “transform  from Jackel to Hyde”. Upon realization, there could be much regret and remorse “wow, what a crappy diciple of Christ I am!”. At such points a person sees red meaning their  temperature has been raised several degrees by anger that they are ready to explode mimicking  the acts and ways of the devil sometimes ending in a curse. Jesus Christ is the prince of peace and during his lifetime on earth in human form he got rigtheously angry because man had turned the place of worship to a den of thieves in buying and selling. In His dire moments he still felt love, compassion and care for everyone as He drew strength from His father, to bear the suffering from His tormentors to the very end.

Biblicly defined anger is indeed a sin as it is one of the said “7 deadly sins”. Proverbs 15:1 reads “A mild answer breaketh wrath: but a harsh word stireth up fury.”

Getting angry and losing one’s temper
–  does not solve anything
– will not ultimatly make a person  feel better in the end
– could cause a greater mess
–  we act and speak in foolish ways that can be demeaning to not only the angry person but also the image of God.
Have you wished you have bitten your tongue after a tirade or saying something you wished you could withdraw?

Whatever or whoever we may get angry at, we must forgive. Jesus still loved all the ones who hated him and did not respond with a foolish angry wrath. In fact, part of his prayer is “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. It can be very easy to get caught up in the emotion and the moment, paticularly when driving in traffic on the road. Technicly for some people psychological factors such as PTSD can be the trigger for anger. For others the challenge is to be a bit more forgiving so that Christ’s loving and caring nature can shine though us.

How do we as humans cope with the issue of anger and its consequences? How do we tame ourselves when we feel angry and/or feel like we are going to erupt? Devoloping good coping skills such as prayer, meditation, excercising, taking a walk, etc. can be a great stress/anger relief. Finding other outlets can be a major source of happiness and stress reliever so that any angry feeling takes a long retreat.

Christ is our ultimate and perfect example and role model for all of us to remember and follow. Through his sacrifice we are all forgiven our sins, and therefore may all of us be united in his name and bear abundant fruit in his name.
🙂 Let us try to hold our tongue when we are angry so we will not live to regret.

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