Psalm 139: my version

Hello, Lord God.
You have taken a good long look at me, haven’t you?
You know me inside and out and back to front.
Whether I’m feet up with a glass of wine or reluctantly doing the housework,
you know what I’m thinking.
You know when I’m chatting with a friend
and when I finally climb under the bedclothes;
Nothing gets past you.
Before I’ve even decided what to say
You know what it’s going to be (even when I shouldn’t say anything at all).
You surround me on all sides.
You have touched me with mercy.
I can’t get my head around it;
It’s far too big for me.
There’s nowhere I can go that you aren’t already there.
How can I get away from you?
Why would I want to – and yet there are times when I do…
If I’m having a great day where everything goes my way –
If I can’t do anything right and I feel like giving up, you’re there too.
Even if I drag myself out of bed to see the sunrise,
Or if I fly to the other side of the world,
Wherever I go, you’ll show me the way.
If I say, ‘That’s it – it’s all gone wrong
There’s no point in trying any more,’
you can bring hope in the darkest of days
and turn trouble into triumph.
Because you made the very heart of me;
You put me together just the way you wanted me.
Just look at me – I’m a masterpiece!
Yes, me, even me.
Even when I don’t feel like one, I know that you don’t make mistakes.
Your creation is flawless.
From before I was born you were watching me
As I grew from the tiniest of cells, you took care of me.
From the earliest moments of my existence, you were full of love for me.
You had a plan for me from the very beginning;
You hold my life in the palm of your hand.
Oh, Father, if only I could grasp who you are;
you are so far beyond my imagination.
If I could get a glimpse of your glory
It would blow my mind.
Awake or asleep, you are right here next to me.
Lord, check out every last bit of me.
Look at my heart – at what I believe and what I feel,
and in my head, at what I think.
You know what I’m like.
If there is any part of me that you would change,
Show me and help me put it right
so that I can be all I can be –
so that you can use me for all that you can –
so that I will be yours for eternity.
That’s my Psalm 139, Father. With apologies for missing out the bit about annihilating bloodthirsty folks. Still not sure what to make of that bit.
My Lord and my God.
Here I am.

About Helen Murray

I'm a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a child of God.

8 Responses to Psalm 139: my version

  1. Excellent Helen. We all do well to read the Word in the first person. It is God’s letter to me personally.
    Thank you for a time of worship this morning.

  2. 4hispraise says:

    I’m sure that that is what God respects; plain language. Very well done in your own voice.

  3. ptl2010 says:

    How often we read God’s Word in the many translations from the perspective that it is generally applicable, rather than applicable to me specifically; and how often it is when we make specific personal application that the impact is really felt.
    Here is very personal application in today’s language. It hits home. Praise The Lord. Thanks for sharing Helen.

  4. Steven Sawyer says:

    Excellent. Absolutely Excellent. What an imaginative and thoughtful recalling of this Psalm.

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