Christian Tagalog Blog – Why so long?

You have been waiting for so long

–   What  is the prognosis? Prognosis  can vary with lung cancer depending on several factors, such as the stage of disease at diagnosis, type of lung cancer, and even gender -I have been through so many medical tests – meantime I have to wait for His cure.

– Who is my  successor ? I can’t wait to drop this –  yet the Lord has not shown His successor  for the work that He started with me, and I must carry on.

– Where is my job after graduation? It is difficult to be looking and not getting a job – and I must do what is in my hands to do till in His time He assigns me that job in His season.

– When will I have the blessing of the Lord? – in a child, in my job promotion, in a salary raise,  in a new home, in a new  ministry, in seeing my loved one saved? In the meantime He is growing patience, love, joy, long-suffering, faith, peace and the fruit of the Spirit in me.

We humans ask “What’s taking Him so long?”
Jesus looks at our progress on bringing heaven to earth and asks: “What’s taking THEM so long?”

  • I have not understood His will
  •  Have not recognized the crisis in my faith –  He wants me to do His will, not mine.
  • When He reveals His will to me –  I must adjust to His will,  He does not adjust His will to mine.
  •  His  higher plans I have to recognise,  and realign
  • It is  in His way that I must walk in step by step, as He reveals it to me
  • It is in  His time that His will be fulfilled in me.

Response in experiencing God

When I have understood Your  will  O Lord, I  will say
You will  make me  beautiful in Your wonderful way,
And as I find You truly in Your Word and Light
Your Spirit  should not take too long,  just right
For me to experience  Your will fulfilled through me.

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