Testimony – He never sleeps nor slumbers

Have you experienced that God never sleeps nor slumbers ?  Psalm 121:4 Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

I can testify to the protecting hand of God on my life and my family:

  • I was a rookie driver and Singapore was under-developed at that time and the infra-structure of roads was not as it is now. With the torrential rains and blocked water flow to drains, canals and the sea, there was often floods of several feet high. One day en route to school I was caught in rising waters on the road. I did not know what to do as I was in a bumper to bumper traffic jam. Can you imagine? Every time the cars moved and stopped, I jammed my car brakes but they would not engage immediately . My passenger next to me was so afraid that she clung on to her seat, pressed imaginary breaks, and squealed even as the car refused to stop each time and was about to crash into the  front car  How I prayed,  as I did not know how to pump the brakes to keep the car going and have effective  brakes . It was nerve wrecking but each time the Lord stopped the car just in time we were supposed to stop, and we did not  hit the front car. What an experience – I thank God He took care of us and we arrived at school on time and safe.
  • One morning at daybreak, after his  guard night duty in national service, my brother drove home. He probably was sleepy and stopped suddenly when he thought he was crashing into a car which suddenly appeared in his way. ( Till today we do not know whether it was an imaginary car or a real car .) When he  jammed on his car brakes it turned turtle full circle – it rolled to its side and with momentum, the wheels were up in the air one moment and   the next it was on its side and back upright again on four wheels. Yes my brother  and his passenger were pale-faced when they got home at 6am in the morning. My brother managed to drive the  car from the accident site and it stopped dead when it reached my home. It had to be towed away for repairs. Truly the Lord saved my brother and his passenger from harm  when events overtook them by surprise.
  • On  27 December,2012 my 90 year old father was flung from one end of his en suite bathroom to the opposite end and landed  crashing on his back after his shower. He hit his head against the wall after hitting his face against the door that was slightly ajar. Thank God he had brought his handphone into the bathroom as to his horror he found he could not get  up from his prone position. He  reached for his handphone and  called our maid who was in the garden.  She called on the Lord for strength to help lift my father up from his prone position as she was half his weight. She helped him dress and called me as I was upstairs.  There was a gash on my father’s arm and it was bleeding profusely as he was taking blood thinning pills, his right eye was quickly bloodshot and he thought he had broken his shoulder. Praise the Lord at the hospital, the tests for broken bones revealed  no broken bones , there was no serious eye damage and he had stitches for the gash on his forearm to stop the bleeding. It has taken him more  than three weeks to be well enough to attend church again.  It must have been the angel of the Lord who prevented a more damaging fall. Thank You Lord for neither slumbering nor sleeping.

If I do not thank and acknowledge the hand of God in my life, the stones will do so.

God is alive in  me  and my life. Praise the Lord!

Will you too do the same in praise and thanksgiving? Have  you a testimony  to share?

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4 Responses to Testimony – He never sleeps nor slumbers

  1. I was in hospital. A large gallstone had been removed from the duodenum after the gallbladder burst. Much pain continued and vomiting, causing atrial fibriliation. A relieving doctor, while the surgeon had a day off, was a friend of my son, who was visiting at the time. After speaking with my son, the relieving doctor returned, examined me, ordered a CT scan and on seeing the results, called for immediate surgery. The surgeon was reluctant to operate, but was forced into it, with the doctor, my son and myself insisting on immediate surgery.

    A 4.6cm x 3cm gallstone which was completely blocking the bowel, was removed and the surgeon said he got it with less than an hour to spare. My incredibly amazing God was in control and the “circumstances” were of His doing. Praise God for His intervention.

    The Christian life is the ultimate adventure, as time and again we see His hand directing our lives, stopping us here, moving us there, and undertaking for us as we seek to follow His will in all things.

    We serve an incredibly amazing God who loves us with an everlasting love.

  2. 4hispraise says:

    The list is long and wide

    • ptl2010 says:

      Thank you 4his praise.

      Through the years, my Sunday School kids have been taught this chorus to impress upon them that if we do not tell the “secrets” God has done in our lives, then how will the world ever know our God is different from the other gods? How will they ever know our God saves? heals? Satisfies? Is with us all day long. And He is the One they should choose? We must BEGIN with one reason , one testimony, one witnessing of His great love. The Lord needs you, just like the angel said “for unto you is born this day, in the city of David a Savior who is Christ The Lord” We must begin with one spark and soon all those around will warm up and know our Light of the world. 🙂


      The birdies in the tree tops ,
      Sing their songs
      The angels chant their chorus
      All day long
      The flowers in the garden
      Blend their hue
      So why shouldn’t I ?
      Why shouldn’t you ?
      Praise Him too?

      Do not wait for your brother or sister to tell. They will follow you. Just do it – please The Lord and shame the devil.

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