Standing on the Promises of God

Throughout their earthly pilgrimage, the Believer encounters many situations when they SONY DSCliterally cling to the promises that God has set forth in His Word.  From the beginning in Genesis to the last book of Revelation we have for our use promises that relate to any and all of life’s scenarios.

Those who have sought forgiveness for their sins, have claimed the “Whosoever will” promise in Romans’s 10:13.  Perhaps it was the John 3:16 declaration that actually set them on the course of receiving eternal life through the shed blood of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary.  Upon becoming a Child of God, the believer becomes aware of the many other promises in the Bible.  As growth is obtained in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, one learns of even more specific promises that can be applied to unique circumstances in our earthly walk.

5313905-worried-middle-age-man-sitting-at-desk-paying-bills-writing-checks-and-looking-stressed-outPerhaps one of the often used verses is Philippians 4:19,  where God promises to provide all of our need according to His riches in Glory through Christ Jesus.  Many of us can testify to the provision God has given in answer to a specific prayer of need.  Financial woes are often brought  before the Lord in order that relief or guidance be received.  Those men in the agriculture business urldepend upon the Lord blessing the fruit of their labors.  Some needs are small, some are humongous; some are silly  “Lord please help me find my car keys!”

Not only does this promise relate to material possessions but more importantly to our individual spiritual needs.   We are told that if we seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all of these things will may be added unto you.

Then there is the promise that whosoever lacketh wisdom, God has promised in James 1:5 way1[1]to giveth to all men liberally.   Many times we are faced with situations in life when we just do not know the right way to proceed.  It is during these troubling times that we need to seek direction from the Lord, that our thoughts would be His thoughts.  As we search the Scriptures to learn the mind of the Lord, the Holy Spirit often speaks to us through that one particular verse that just happens to stand out.

We know that when we pray for the salvation of our loved ones that God has stated that it is not His will that anyone should perish, but that all should 5693973-senior-woman-prayingcome to repentance.  He also states that when His Word is given out that it will not come back void, but that it will do that for which it was intended.  Sometimes life becomes so burdensome that we believe that we just cannot go on.  Take my yoke upon you for my burden is light.  Our Heavenly Father is able to give us the grace and the peace we need in any given situation.  Stressful scenarios in life can drain us from the joy of the Lord, but God says He is willing to take our stress upon himself.

The catastrophic illness of a loved one will often bring Christians to their knees, pleading for the Great Physician to intercede and restore the health of the individual afflicted.  These are times when we sense the comforting presence of the Lord not only with us but also 600-Jesus-484  Christ in the operating roomwith the one who is ill. It is at these times when we often feel utterly helpless, somewhat fearful of entrusting the well-being of our loved one to a total stranger.  The Lord has promised that He will never leave us or forsake us.  Sometimes God gives us a measure of reassurance when we discover that the one who is medically interceding for our family 10460912-doctor-female-praying-in-hospitalmember is a child of the living God.

For the Believer there is great joy and rejoicing when we have one of our prayers answered.  Even more blessed are those prayers that are answered before we even ask.  Then there are those prayers that the Holy Spirit himself prays for us because we are so overwhelmed that we do not know how to pray. These our times when we often see those divine interventions known as miracles.

About Golden Gems from Grandma

Over Forty years ago, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes that I was a sinner on my way to Hell. The Lord Jesus forgave me of my sins, cleansed me from all unrighteousness, and began a new my heart. I have worn many hats in my earthly journey; being a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Nurse, WAC Veteran; Sunday School teacher and writer, however, It was God that worketh in me both to will and to do of His good pleasure. My ministry of writing has opened up many opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to teach and encourage the brethren in their walk with the Lord
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7 Responses to Standing on the Promises of God

  1. Decades ago, while singing this song, the song leader said we should be singing “Walking on the promises of God” because we need to put His promises into action and walk on them. As a new Christian, the thought appealed to me, but I have come to believe that “standing” is the correct word.

    We are called to put on the whole armour of God and STAND against the devil and his attacks. I believe the same applies to God’s promises. They are rock-solid. We know that He cannot lie and His promises cannot fail, so we can STAND on His faithfulness.

    After more than 50 years of being His blood-bought, adopted child, I can state that His promises have never failed; that He has never failed me and I know He never will.

    We serve an incredibly amazing God who delights to bless us abundantly as we submit to Him.

  2. rickroehm says:

    I preached Christ in Pontiac Michigan Sunday. Before the sermon during the song service they projected the song “Standing on the Promises” on the screen. I am so thankful that God allows this preacher so often to be reminded of the great and exceeding precious promises where-by we are given… to become partakers of a divine nature only to escape the corruption that’s in the world. God promised a way to escape. Since I escaped the world and got under His Divine Blessing He has never let His servant down one single time. Satisfied! Happy! Thankful! Good to have you on board. Magnify Christ and bring honor to His name.

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  4. ptl2010 says:

    God’s promises are ever true. Some have conditions, some not I just praise God He knows which promise applies even if we do not. He is not a man He does not lie.
    Thank you Grandma for reminding us our God answers prayers today.

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