From Sunrise to Sunset

Psalm 113 3

I love sunsets! They warm my heart as they set a great tone for the rest of the evening. The troubles of the day just seem to melt away with the afterglow. Have you ever seen a beautiful sunrise or sunset and marveled at how God could paint the sky so differently each day just for you and I? When you go for a stroll or a hike in nature, do you feel closer to God? Do you call to mind how God is faithful to keep His promises when you see a rainbow after a storm? The beautiful flowers of the field remind us of the briefness of our lives on Earth compared to time we will spend in Eternity. The four seasons tell the story of Jesus. Life sprouts from the soil each spring, flourishes in the summer, turns colors in the fall, lies dormant in the winter and is then reborn anew. When Jesus died upon the cross His creation groaned and cried out in response. You and I are made in the image and likeness of God, and we serve as His hands and feet. Each one of us is made to be unique and specifically created to fulfill a different purpose in life, yet we were all designed to shine a light and spread some salt. My blogs will be taking on a new direction. Through my own photography, they will be designed to help us admire Jesus’ handiwork and draw us closer to Him as we reflect upon the scriptures and look at the beauty made by His hands. May you be blessed and refreshed each day as you stop and admire all that Jesus Christ has made and done for you just because He loves you!

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4 Responses to From Sunrise to Sunset

  1. 4hispraise says:

    It is true. It is impossible to not find God in things created by Him. Particularly nature where his infinate creativity is best shown. Thank you for such an inspirational post.

  2. ptl2010 says:

    Christina Rivas has been our ChristianBlessings Contributor for sometime. We thank God that here from today, she will share. Admiration of His Creation – pictures taken to praise Him in the wonderment of nature. Pictures and words come together in inspired thought daily. Amen, let us remember to praise our living Lord with Click a Blessing everyday in inspired thought and evidence from the rising of the sun to its setting, for He is worthy of our praise. Be blessed Christina even as you bless under God ‘s anointing with camera and may hearts be touched and turned to worship our God,, our Creator through Jesus Christ our Lord. Glory to His Name!

    In His love and service,

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