God Abundantly Showers Mankind

Job 36 27

Water is really amazing when a person stops to think about it. Water nourishes. It is what keeps you and I alive and helps nature to grow and thrive. Water cleanses. It washes away dirt and grime making things fresh and new. Water is soluble. You can add things to it to change its flavor or chemistry. Water takes the shape of its container. Water can transform from solid to liquid to gas. Water moves in, under, around and throughout the Earth. Water is everywhere and in just about everything. Water is transparent. Water can take the form of a beautiful waterfall, a drop of rain, a stormy thundercloud, the mist on the sea, steam from a gushing geyser, or the breath from your nostrils. Heat and cold help keep water molecules in motion. The water cycle is happening all of the time and all around us. It works in perfect harmony with nature.

Only our amazing God can spring up the water below us and open up the skies above us! We acknowledge that water can be violent and destructive, but we will focus today on how it can also be wonderful and refreshing. Even the sound of it is rhythmic and soothing. The sight of it brings tranquility and serenity. When it falls from the skies it changes the landscape below. Job’s friend Elihu tells us that “abundant showers fall on mankind.” How has God showered you? He has showered you with blessings you could never have imagined. He has showered you with His kindness and comfort through a difficult time or tragedy. He has showered your soul with His Word to help sustain you. God has showered mankind with His love and mercy when He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins. He has showered you with hope when you think about the fulfillment of His promises. He has showered you with joy when you anticipate your eternal future in heaven.

Jesus is the Living Water who quenches the thirst of our souls. He is more amazing than the water that showers the Earth! Jesus created water, and it surely reflects our need for Him in order survive. Have you let Jesus abundantly shower every area of your life? Let Him come in and wash away anything unclean and help you grow and be fruitful in your faith today!


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3 Responses to God Abundantly Showers Mankind

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  2. ptl2010 says:

    Praise The Lord for His showers of blessings, to cleanse, refresh and sustain us in life.


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