Child of the world – Do you still believe?

Child of the world, everyday we put faith in action, automatically.

When crossing the road, you hope motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians adhere to the highway code and traffic regulations, and that all  people  are sane and law-abiding. When an  accident occurs, your faith is shaken – you either never cross another road again, or you learn what caused the accident and mindfully cross the road the next time with those learnings in mind and in faith.

You send your child to school expecting him to return safely after school relying  on the school staff and security system.  But there is a massacre and children are killed or  in jeopardy. You  can home school your child and never send him to school again for fear of recurrence or you just depend on the school to strengthen its security system and resume sending your child to school in faith.

Father Gannon of a neighbouring  parish said that what happened in Sandy Hook School Newtown “is beyond horrific. It is  unimaginable the agony that our brothers and sisters in Newtown are experiencing  as they grieve the agonizing loss of their children and loved ones, so pure and  innocent in the beginnings of life.”

He said the “best response we can have is our prayers and helping our  children find consolation and strength in the infinite, overwhelming love of Our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Lord shows us from the cross the infinite  love, mercy and compassion that he maintains for us at every moment, that the  Good Shepherd’s passionate desire is to keep us close to him for constant  reassurance of his healing power through holy Mass every Sunday.”

“It’s a time to turn back to Our Lord because only he can provide us the  strength and consolation that our hearts crave at this time,”.

Archbishop Lori shared the words of Blessed John Paul II which had been present  in his own mind: “To receive Jesus Christ means believing that in the history of  humanity, even though it is marked by evil and suffering, the final word belongs  to life and to love, because God came to dwell among us, so we might dwell in  him.”

How are you affected by evil happenings? With or without hope and belief?

Jesus says to you who are  heavy burdened to come to Him and He will give  you  rest.

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1 Response to Child of the world – Do you still believe?

  1. >> “How are you affected by evil happenings?”
    Devastated of course, but not really surprised.
    We know that the heart of mankind is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. We know that a person who has not come to agreeing with God about their sin and their sinful condition and accepted His Gift of a Redeemer, has no goodness within him/herself. While most people are ‘influenced’ by the morality of our legal and social system, there are those who live only by their own evil nature. We could ALL say that ‘there but for the grace of God go I’

    On the other hand, those who are blood-bought, adopted children of the living God, through faith in Jesus Christ and His finished work at Calvary, have a NEW nature and abhor evil. We live by faith in the only One who is worthy and He enables and empowers us to live according to His way.

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