As Long As Earth Endures

Genesis 8 22

The picture above was taken along the shores of Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA this winter. The Great Lakes are very cold and receive a lot of snow this time of year. Thankfully, winter is only one season! We can rest assured that spring is coming soon because the Bible tells us so. As long as the earth endures, there will be four seasons.

We humans take a lot of things for granted! We know that once winter ends spring begins and then we look forward to summer and fall. This happens year after year, and we can plan our lives accordingly. Every season may vary in intensity each year, but there are things we have come to expect. We know that winter is usually icy and cold. Nature will freeze and lie dormant until spring. People bundle up to stay warm, enjoy a hot drink and spend time indoors with their heaters running for extra warmth. In spring everything thaws out and nature is reborn. The flowers blossom in the sunshine, animals come out of hibernation, and people are ready to spend time planting seeds in their gardens and enjoying nearby parks and playgrounds. Summer is usually warm or sometimes hot. The sun withers the grass. People sweat and animals escape from the midday sun. A cold drink and a swim in the water are very refreshing ways to escape the heat. In fall we usually look forward to cooler weather. We love to get out our sweaters, sit by the fireplace, and thank the Lord while we enjoy the bounty and the harvest. We know that the moon rises each night as the sun sets each day. We are certain that every 24 hours there will be a period of time we call day and another called night. We can plan our lives around the cycle of the seasons, the hot and cold, and the day and night.

Why does the Bible mention all of these things in this verse? Doesn’t this seem obvious? God makes a promise to mankind with these words. The Lord had just flooded the entire earth. No matter where someone was geographically located, it was rainy and wet and flooding. Everything was wiped out besides what was in Noah’s ark. God made a promise here that there will always be certain things we humans can expect. It must have been very comforting back in the days of Noah to hear God tell His people these words. There would never be another Great Flood. A rainbow in the sky is a wonderful and visible reminder of this promise.

God has made many promises in the Bible. The good news is that although people often break their promises, God has never once broken a promise. We don’t need to cross our fingers or knock on wood and hope that luck, good fortune or fate is on our side. God’s promises are true and either have been fulfilled or one day will be. Earth will not always remain. God has promised to one day destroy the Earth as we know it and create a new heaven and a new earth (Isaiah 65:17, Revelation 21:1). But until then, God has let it be known that certain things will remain the same.

Have you read the promises of the Bible? Perhaps things in your life seem unstable. You are not certain of what will take place tomorrow. You wonder how you will make it through until the end of the week or the end of the month. Child of God, rest in your Father’s promises to you! The providence of God is all around you, as evidenced by the season, the time of day, and even the hot or cold. God keeps it all in working order every single day just because He loves you!

Sing a praise today and say a prayer of thanksgiving that our mighty and magnificent God who dwells in the heavens above is looking out for His creation below! We are blessed to know that the Creator of this universe understands our needs in this temporary dwelling place we inhabit. We can expect some rhythms and regularity in our lives. God is in control of everything that happens here. His eyes examine everything that takes place. So whether it is hot or cold, night or day, winter or summer where you are reading this right now, take comfort in knowing that these are signs our amazing God is watching over you!

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3 Responses to As Long As Earth Endures

  1. Praise God for His faithfulness!
    He is Truth. He cannot lie. His promises cannot fail.

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