Jesus Christ Cleanses ALL Sin

1 John 1 7

Praise the Lord that the blood of his Son cleanses us from ALL sin! No matter how awful, shameful dark or ugly your past, you should think of it no more. Jesus Christ knows everything about your life, and He was willing to die on the cross just for you while you were still a sinner. He bore the wrath of God on your behalf. He was bruised, beaten and bloodied for you. He was the sacrificial lamb slaughtered before God. His blood wiped away your sins and made you a new creation. His redemptive work on the cross was completed just because He loves you.

We have committed sins in our past and we will continue to sin because we are imperfect people. Jesus Christ was without blemish or stain. He was the perfect lamb. We will always make mistakes because it is part of our human nature to do so. The work of Jesus Christ does not give us a free pass to recklessly sin knowing it has all been forgiven. On the contrary, we should be both saddened and grateful that Jesus Christ gave His very life for our trespasses. He left the throne of heaven where He was worshipped to be knit together as a human in a virgin’s dark womb, live a lowly life, and die when He had only helped and healed others. He was pure and blameless in every way. We owe Him our lives. We are called to take up the cross and to follow Him. He has called us to live a righteous life and to be molded and shaped into His image until the day of our passing when His work in and through our lives has been completed.

There were thousands upon thousands of animals slaughtered throughout ancient history to atone for the sins of God’s people. Over and over again the people would find the choice creature to bring before God and spill its blood. That all changed when Jesus Christ was handed over to be crucified. He was separated from God because of your sin and my sin being poured out upon Him. It must have been so awful for Jesus Christ to feel like God had abandoned Him at that moment He absorbed the world’s sin. He was no longer holy or pure in that moment. He was wretched and vile and God could not even look upon Him. It must have been agonizing and excruciating in a way we will thankfully never have to know and experience. It was only love that held Him there on the cross. He could have spoken and ended it all. He could have had His angels minister to Him and ended His pain. But He didn’t back down. He didn’t quit. He endured intense suffering until His body could take it no more. No longer would a blood sacrifice be required for our sins. God’s work was finished. He overcame the sins of the world!

We can live each day knowing Jesus came to our rescue. He paid the price. He took away your sin, my sin, and every sin of the past, present and future. He has made it possible for you to experience the splendor of heaven and eternal glory. Because Jesus Christ cleansed us from all sin we will never be apart from God! We will be in His presence forever. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Our God is a God of love and mercy. He is just and good. He sent His only Son to die upon the cross for us. He willingly gave up His beloved just for us. We should love and serve Him in return with ever fiber of our being! He is the risen Lord and Savior. He is alive! The Holy Spirit lives inside of you and me and is creating an epic story through us for all of the world to see. Let us proclaim His love from the rooftops and the highest mountains. Sing, shout and praise the Lord for we are clean and new! The dirt and grime has been washed away just because Jesus Christ loves YOU!

White as Snow:

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3 Responses to Jesus Christ Cleanses ALL Sin

  1. Rob Barkman says:

    Thank you for a blessing. Your posting is a great reminder of what our Lord has done for us when He died and shed His precious blood on the cross making us secure in Him. Lord bless you Christina.

  2. How can we do other than praise Him? Not only has He cleansed us from sin and made us His own blood-bought, adopted children and His joint heirs with Christ, He assures us of His abiding presence and help 24/7. We are never alone. We are never powerless because He is always there, ready to act on our behalf when we submit to Him. He has freely given us all we need to live victorious lives in Him, and when we fail, as we so often do, He is always there to receive us back into His arms when we call to Him in repentance.

    We serve an incredibly amazing God who delights to continue His work in us, bringing us ever towards the time when we will be presented faultless before Him.

    We are one day closer!

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