Child of the world – Sap the True Vine!

There is nothing wrong with physical pleasure in itself. God gave us bodies with the capacity for enjoying pleasure of the “flesh”

However, the “lust of the flesh” is the inordinate desire for physical pleasure. It includes not only obvious things like DRUG & ALCOHOL abuse, SEXUAL perversion, etc.—but also COMFORT (indolence as higher priorities than serving Christ), GLUTTONY; CIGARETTES.

Billions of dollars are spent to  gain control of inordinate desires. Why? Many young and old innocent lives are harmed and lost. So much suffering among loved ones, beg for relief – but man cannot change and save his inward self, only God, his Creator can change and empower him to truly succeed.

Abide in the  TrueVine

To the young, flee youthful lusts. Do not allow the tendrils from other vines to cling and then choke and strangle you

To the seniors, do not be bound, shackled and cuffed with every effort to escape those addiction bondages.

Only Jesus can fill that void and free you, bringing satisfaction. Listen.

Tap the Sap of the True Vine

Do not allow the other vines to sap your precious life away.

Be free in Jesus’ Name.

Only Jesus, only Jesus

Only He can take your life and make you whole

Only Jesus can satisfy your  soul.

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2 Responses to Child of the world – Sap the True Vine!

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Only HE is able to keep us from falling.

  2. Only Jesus is able – and ever-ready and willing – to change us; to mould us into His likeness, and to give us victory, peace and joy.
    In Him we are “more than conquerors” [Romans 8:37] but of ourselves, we are hopeless.

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