Christ Changes Everything – Forget the Past – You Have a New Future

Christ Changes Everything – Forget the Past – You Have a New Future

By Darrell Creswell[1]
There is great joy and expectation when grace takes hold in our lives and we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. This new birth in Christ changes EVERYTHING. Grace completely changes and rearranges everything about the way we think, live, breathe and act.

When Christ becomes a reality to you, He adds a whole new dimension to your life. Your life will be changed, and as your life is changed you will begin to influence and change those around you; not only in your own life, but in the lives of those in your job, your family and your church.

There is such a revolutionary change that occurs inside a person when they are redeemed, that they cannot just “add Jesus”, and carry on with their lives doing things the same way they have been. It is no longer business as usual. When Jesus becomes Lord in a person’s life, everything, and I mean “everything” changes. If you were not expecting good things to come your way before you accepted the Lord, that is about to change. You can begin to look forward with excited optimism to “more” – To feeling more, experiencing more, living more and loving more. You life will become more of a blessing to those around you. Why is that you may ask? Because a life in Christ Jesus is a richer, fuller, more fulfilling, and satisfying life.

Thank God that He made contact with you. God always initiates first contact. No matter how big of a sinner we are, God’s grace is bigger. Big sinners encounter an even bigger grace. No matter how good or righteous we may be, we can never attract grace – righteousness follows grace.

Instead of the old weight of sin that used to weigh you down, and chaos and heartache ruling your life, you can now begin to look forward to great blessings in your life. And like the infomercials say – But wait, there is more! When the blood of Jesus takes hold in your life all of a sudden your life begins to bless others lives. As you begin to interact with those around you on your job, at home with your family, and with friends and even strangers – you will find that the love of Christ demonstrated in your life, positively affecting everyone around you.

Grace is a catalyst for change. Change for today. Change for tomorrow. In Christ you have a new birth – be excited about it. Expect miracles. Expect growth. Things are going to happen. Make room for new exciting things to start taking place in your life. In Christ you will start enlarging and expanding your way of thinking. You are a child of the King, a representative of the Living God – powered by grace, covered by the blood, and fueled with hope and promise. He is going to give you days and nights filled with exceeding joy if you can wrap your mind around what He wants to do in your life.

I know this to be true, because His Word says that He said so! God wants you to Think Big. As you use and live in kingdom principles, things are going to happen, there is going to be growth in your personal life, more abundance in your family life.

The key to all this is you. Everything depends on you! We must move and act by His Spirit working in our lives and allow ourselves to become engulfed in His glory. As we are submissive to His will we can shake up our entire existence; allowing Him to bring happiness and joy to our life and to the lives of those around us. Instead of sitting back and saying, “I’m just so glad to be saved”, be assured that grace compels us to take action and move forward. We have His assurance that if we will just act, and do something, His word becomes alive in everything that we do. If we will just stretch out our hands in faith, we will never be embarrassed, we will not fail – God will perform upon our actions. So do not hold back in your life. Expect great things to happen as you began to walk in grace realizing the power of the living God inside of you.

See God in action; experience the power of the living God. Do something as his conduit; don’t be afraid – you’re not going to be embarrassed. Stretch out; don’t hold back – you’re not going to come up short. God is looking for you to just believe, follow His instructions. If you do, He will rock your world and the world of those around you. Just have faith in Him and step up and step out. He will perform miracles in your life.

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