Nuggets – Termites!

“The termites are back! ” So exclaimed our China-born termite terminator  and as I discussed with him what further action we need to take, we are agreed we shall fight this enemy together. Then as we continued we discussed that sin is like termites. He said he does not pray to my God, but would like to attend English lessons based on the Bible, at my church. Will you pray with me that we will win one more soul for The Lord? I have a double- header battle on my hands – against termites and sin’s hold on a young life.


First posted July 2010 Reposted 8 February 2012


The house painters reported for work and had been working steadily to complete the job.

There was one shelf made of teak wood in which we kept our linen and towels. It was too heavy for us ladies in the house to move this big monster. So the helpful guys helped us move the shelf from the side to the centre of the room so walls could be painted. Alas, when they lifted the shelf they nearly dropped it on their feet – for there were creepy crawlies galore! Termites! totally covering the area where the base of the shelf had been.

It is one of the most dreaded crawlies as they work faster and more furiously to destroy anything in their way once disturbed, even bringing down houses which have stood for many years. We were advised not to disturb…

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2 Responses to Nuggets – Termites!

  1. Rob Barkman says:

    Praying for God given wisdom and grace as you witness and salvation for this young man.

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