Tour the Holy Land and Experience the Benefits

I made a very interesting and educational trip to Israel in December 2012. Unlike tours to other lands, that tour will live with me to the end of my days as I read God’s Word daily.  It has made the Bible come alive for me. I would like to encourage those who have not been to Israel to visit and benefit as I have.  Since Dr Wayne will be leading a tour later in 2013, I suggest, who better to go with than our expert on the Bible Lands.  I did not go on one of Dr Wayne’s tours but I  discovered him and had benefitted as a result of  his posts here on the Bible Lands, as part of my preparation for my tour last year.  Read about his upcoming trip and seize the opportunity to go with a passionate and knowledgeable guide . Learn  how to prepare for it, in the next few weeks and seriously consider going as time runs out to visit Israel. This recommendation is in line with our policy to collaborate with our Contributors and Dr Wayne is surely one who has shared his rich knowledge of Bible Lands with us.



Journey to the Amazing Holy Land . . .

And you will NEVER be the same! Join Wayne & Cathy Stiles on October 26 – November 6, 2013

connecting the bible and its lands to life Journey to the Amazing Holy Land . . .

Tour the Holy Land and Experience the Benefits

I’ll be honest. I have never recovered from my travels to the Holy Land.As many times as I’ve been to Israel, every trip impacts me. There’s a reason.touring the temple mount1 Tour the Holy Land and Experience the Benefits

Our tour group on the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

After Cathy and I took our first tour to the Holy Land, the truth hit home harder than it ever had: my faith is rooted in events that occurred in real places.

My experience isn’t unique. The following video shows people whose lives have changed as a result of a tour to the Holy Land.

Let’s go to Israel together! Journey to the amazing Holy Land with me on Oct. 26 – Nov. 6, 2013See the details, browse the tour itinerary, and download a FREE brochure! After your journey to Israel, you will never be the same!

Watch for Yourself

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Why a Tour to the Holy Land is So Valuable

Understanding the Bible in context means more than knowing the words on a page. Context includes the places where biblical events took place. In other words, the more a person understands the land of the Bible, the more one understands the Bible itself.

I have done a lot of study about the benefits of experiencing the land of the Bible. Here’s what I discovered.

Those who experience the Holy Land enjoy:

  • Sharper comprehension of the Bible
  • Clearer direction to its application
  • More effective communication of truth
  • Greater confidence in the Word of God
  • More vibrant spiritual life

Don’t get me wrong. Personal experience is not the basis of faith, but experience adds a dimension of authenticity and confidence to our faith.

Consider a Tour to the Holy Land

A trip to the Holy Land provides another layer of understanding to Bible study. It reveals that what you’ve read about all your life really exists.

Here are two bits of advice:

  1. Don’t be put off by the cost. My wife and I saved for nine years before we took our first trip. Just start saving and praying for God to provide. (My seminary professor once told me that buying a house and traveling to Israel are the only two reasons he could justify borrowing!)
  2. Be sure to travel with a tour company that connects the Bible and its lands to life. I recommend Morning Star Tours and Inspiration Cruises and Tours. I’d love to have you join Cathy and me as we help lead tours with Insight for Living.

You can read much of my passion for the Holy Land in my devotional books and you can hear it in interviews I’ve participated in.

Walking the land of Israel has provided me with a deeper appreciation of God as Lord of world history and of seemingly minor details—both of which bring comfort to my life.

I am confident it can do the same for you.

Journey to the amazing Holy Land with me on Oct. 26 – Nov. 6, 2013See the details, browse the tour itinerary, and download a FREE brochure! After your journey to Israel, you will never be the same!

Questions: Have you ever considered a trip to Israel? If you have taken a journey to the Holy Land, how did it affect you?

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2 Responses to Tour the Holy Land and Experience the Benefits

  1. I have never been to the Holy Land but I know several who have, and they all say it was a life-changing experience.

  2. Maybe someday if it is the Lord’s will I will go there and see the places where Christ walked and where the Bible was written. May we all pray to the Lord for wisdom on where He wants to send us. Then may we be faithful to go to those places He has called us to learn more about Him and to share the Gospel. May we be ready to faithfully respond when the opportunity comes knocking on our door!

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