Dim Sum – It really happened – Praise the Lord


The table  was laid out for lunch when we arrived at my cousin’s home at 10.45am. The last we had visited her home was over 20 years ago. We had not come for lunch that day but to visit her husband who was recovering after losing a kidney.

My cousin was really excited that we were visiting her in her new home. She was anxious to show me and remind me that twenty plus years ago,  for her house warming party for her first home, I gave her a Corelle full dinner set for 10 people,  which she has used almost every day since.  At first it was used by her and her husband,  then by  her children as well,  and now by her grandchildren too. She was appreciative that I gave her the set which she could not afford to buy. She  was grateful   it was such a practical and useful present and that it has been durable . I was truly surprised and it touched my heart that a simple present for temporary use could be such a long-lasting blessing to not only the recipient but to the rest of the family also. Isn’t it so and more so, with  the gospel of Christ? When we share the eternal gospel of peace with our family, relatives and friends, not only does it bless the recipient, it touches the lives of all who they interact with. That should encourage us to share the gospel  more. Not just one life is impacted for Christ, but many others are impacted. No wonder the angels in heaven rejoice over one sinner who repents. May this little example encourage  us to share the gospel  more for the end is coming when we will not be able to share anymore.

My cousin’s husband had undergone a medical operation to remove one diseased kidney the previous week. He looked quite well when we visited. However, we learnt several more lessons from what he shared with us.

After his operation, Joe was sent to the ICU unit to recover from his anaesthetic and to be monitored. The anaesthetic while it lasted did its job and dulled the pain from the surgery.

Joe was then transferred to a ward with five others and was awakened from his anaesthetic in great pain. He said he was hooked to all kinds of lines for intravenous feeding and medication, also for painkillers to help him bear the pain from the surgery.  He said during the first three days in the normal ward he suffered hallucinations – ants covered the wall in front, they were crawling, crawling and crawled all over him. When he looked to his left and right, he saw both beds in graves much lower than the level of his bed, and also when he looked ahead both the beds opposite had people on them who were playing on the beds and calling him. It was surreal he said but with a strong mind, he knew they were hallucinations and told his son about them. The ward  doctor  helped him get rid of the ants  with,  eye exercises but would not hear or attend to the  rest of the hallucinations as he said they would pass with the anaesthetics.

Joe believed the ward medical staff must have briefed him about releasing pain killers intravenously when needed, as he was hooked up to the machines while he was hallucinating .  He said he suffered three days of pure pain as he did not remember to release the painkillers for which he had been supposedly briefed.

During his most painful  hours, he said he remembered he had requested my dad to pray for him through the operation and during his recovery, and that helped to know he was not alone. When he suffered the pain without the painkillers, he felt so weak and just felt like giving up to die. However, despite  the knowledge that my dad was praying for him , he  realized he had to pray for himself too to receive the strength and healing from the Lord.  As he shared  his  testimony with me, he raised both his hands toward heaven and said he was so thankful he had two hands, for he used his two raised hands  in surrender that only the Lord could help him, and  to clasp the hands of Jesus who pulled him out of the pits of pain finally.

In hindsight many questions could be asked – why did he suffer so without telling the medical staff who were monitoring him? Why did the medical staff not notice that he was not using the pain-killers? He remembered only telling his children not to allow his wife (suffering from bad diabetes and  hobbling because of a broken ankle) to spare her the agony of seeing him suffer. Why did not his children inform the medical staff of his pain? He said he could not give answers, but He knew that the  Lord had touched him, blessed be the Name of the Lord, even though it had seemed as a long, dark, nightmare.

Lessons he has learned which  he wanted to share

– Always if you can, have a spiritual buddy when you are going through a hard time. Just knowing that someone is praying with you is great encouragement when you are in the crisis.

– Always share your pains even hallucinatons if possible,  so help can be harnessed.

– Do not wait till you are so weak and incapacitated to call on the Lord yourself. It could save much pain if Joe had accepted the Lord’s promise of healing and deliverance earlier – you have not because you have not asked

– Now Joe knows that the Lord never left him alone and that He  answers prayer in the darkest night.

– Jesus’  strength is made perfect in Joe’s weakness.

Glory to God.

From Joe’s experience

If you know the Lord,

You need nobody else

To see you through the darkest night.


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