Is The Door Too Small

the sacrement 012  This weekend we put our house up for sale. We had been working on it for about a month getting it stripped and tidy. Then, as proud owners who had made it appealing and showable, we put it on the market.

As hoped, there were a number of calls and showings scheduled. We allowed all prospects the run of the place, with the suggestion; that when they were finished; just come to us with their observations and questions.

The third group had just finished, and we had no idea as to what their reaction might be as they prepared to excuse themselves without further inquiry or comment. We asked; “What do you think?” trying to get some valuable feedback. The lovely young thing with babe in arms replied; ” The doggie door is too small”………… Say What?

We can imagine that there might well have been a more concrete objection, or that she may have just wanted to get a smile. She did, but it left me thinking……….. Hmmmm!

Since this is a Christian site, we might imagine a scriptural lesson might be in there somewhere that is worth sharing. When we think of buying into the idea of accepting the precepts of Christian life for the first time, many have said I’m sure; ” The door is too small”. The Lord offers; “The gate is small, the path is narrow”. It is not as if we didn’t know. It’s the big destination, not the entry way.

A prospective seller might just offer a wider “doggie door” and close the deal, but I doubt it. In all, it does provide an “out” for the prospect; however, since it might well be considered a ridiculous objection, and never be addressed. Case closed.

We must be careful as purveyors’ of , and dwellers in, the house of the Lord, that we deal with the most unrealistic excuses of those considering the idea of living there themselves. We must treat each one with respect and maturity. That’s why I suggested to her the easiest option; “You should just get a smaller dog”. This time; she smiled.

Somehow, I think that would not come close to God’s response. Please help me with a biblical answer to finish this post. I’m stuck. I’m not about to put in a larger door!

Neither is He.

About 4hispraise

I am quite simply a child of our Lord God. What good that I have done or may do, I pray will reflect solely on the presence of The Holy Spirit who speaks for me in all things.
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6 Responses to Is The Door Too Small

  1. 4hispraise says:

    What targeted responses. Thank you all. I take it that the smaller the profile (or ego) the easier the fit.. However we must trust big as did Noah. when he had no idea what God was up to (yet there was great underlying logic in it all)..

  2. ptl2010 says:

    I was privileged to visit this blessed home in July 2011. We enjoyed great Christian fellowship in the sunny, breezy back patio which overlooks a well kept lawn and beautiful colorful garden, and tasty meals in the home Thank God, UM and AA for the memories. Those who take over this home will be blessed.

    Regarding the size of doors. Are we being limited by physical dimensions?

    Remember the Noah’s ark?
    It is said that the animals entered two by two. That would have required different door dimensions to allow entrance to the clean animals which entered in 7 by 7 groups.

    In the case of heaven, we enter by grace alone. How wide is the grace of God? different for new-born baby versus the repentant thief?
    different for the “good”, “bad” and “ugly”? or are all of the standard size of filthy rags? is it so elastic to allow access to all who enter by grace and not by works?

    Perhaps side doors of works lead to glimpses of heaven from the outside ( similar to from hell – remember the rich man and Lazarus ) but not into the security of heaven and home.

  3. amblingsaint says:

    Reblogged this on Ambling Saint and commented:
    The low door that makes us kneel to enter? Great post for those who like a challenge for their spiritual imaginations.

  4. amblingsaint says:

    Kneeling makes you smaller. And into a servant shaped person.

    Would that suit?


  5. This is a great post, especially timely, as the media and the “world” tries to tell us that Homosexuality is “normal.” Jesus tells us to enter by the narrow gate…the “small door.”

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