God’s Grace is All You Need

God’s Grace is All You Need – Genesis 33:11- Inspirational Bible Verses

By D



Genesis 33 11 I have all I need

God has been gracious to me and I have all I need. Genesis 33:11

We are to be content with the things that we have, be they more or less, knowing that in God we have enough. As we are in Christ and as His Spirit lives in us, we are to be a people who find our sufficiency in God—we are to be thankful for everything we have, be it more, or less.  We are to be content in every state, whether it be trials or blessings; adversity or prosperity. We are instructed to be patient and to submit to God’s will for our lives. He has the plans and hope for our future. We should cheerfully, and in full contentment accept whatever He decides is our portion in life, and in all things we should give thanks to Christ our Lord.

The key given here in scripture is to not be content with the things we have, but rather with who we are. The world—and all the things in it—cannot give us this, or teach us this. This is not something that we can acquire by our carnal nature, but only by and through His grace. Learning to be content and satisfied does not come naturally.  It does not come by what we learn from man, but it comes to us by what we learn from God, from our relationship with Christ, and under the teachings of the Spirit of God. We learn as students in the school of heartache and trials, from courses in a lifetime of experiences, sorrows, afflictions, and distresses. God takes the things which we experience and He teaches us, not by prosperity, but by the adversities in which we face, endure, and overcome.

There are many things of this world to entice and excite us, but they pale in comparison to our heavenly grace. It is God that decides how every person’s state and condition is to be settled. It is God that decided when we came into this world, and it will be God that decides when we go out of it, naked and bare of this world’s things.

Our worthiness and mercy are to be found in the nail-scarred hands of our Lord Jesus. He is our portion and reward in this life and in the life to come. In Him is our profit and pleasures of a life of contentment. In Christ, we have available all the promises which God has made to having such a life; and in Christ we have the hope of the future glory and happiness in the New City not built by human hands. In Christ, we the redeemed can say, this life in covenant with God, written in the blood of Christ Jesus, with grace here on earth and heaven hereafter, He is enough.

key-to-hapiness Philippians 4 11 Jesus

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3 Responses to God’s Grace is All You Need

  1. Jesus, Jesus, all sufficient,
    Beyond telling is Thy worth;
    In Thy name lie greater treasures
    Than the richest found on earth.
    Such abundance
    Is my portion with my God.
    William Williams

    Jesus is all I need . . . but like Evelyn I am reminded that He needs us to continue His work on earth. He needs His own to shine forth His love, mercy and grace to all we meet.

  2. ptl2010 says:

    Praise the Lord He is all we need. His grace is sufficient for us -thanks for this beautiful reminder Darrell And yet as I awaken to a new day in Singapore and after reading this blog, the Lord reminds me that the satisfaction we have received must prompt us to be dissatisfied with the borders of His kingdom today and He wants to extend the borders of His kingdom. He wants us to share our satisfaction with the rest of the world. May we be content with Him and be discontented with the borders of His kingdom as it exists now. May we go out and extend the borders of His tent. Amen. I want tio share this contentment I have with the faithful including those on ChristianBlessings and beyond, Darrell. Thank you for being a blessing to us. Praise the Lord.

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