Dim Sum – Lord, lay some soul upon my heart

Lord, lay some soul upon my heart
And love that soul me through
And may I ever do my part
To win that soul for Thee

That chorus sent me off at 12 years old, after a church camp, into the world of personal evangelism. Today after more than forty years that fire burns bright in me. It used to be foreign missionaries lighted the way when they arrived in Singapore to share the gospel in churches, mission schools, Sunday Schools, inter-school Christian Fellowships, Youth for Christ, Gideon International, Bible Society, Navigators, Overseas Missionary Fellowship. Today, I am the missionary to the many foreigners who have arrived at my door step in Singapore to work.

So today, I begin interacting  with a corp of foreigners who will be in the project  team of renovating my recently vacated apartment. I will talk with them on different occasions during the next three weeks, in a smattering of Malay, Chinese dialect or English (no I cannot speak Tamil) giving them my specifications or just exchanging views  about life in Singapore (with or without God) or give them a Word in conversation or tract.

Who are these who will come to my doorstep?
A few of a full generic  list of probable workmen, given to me for advanced condominium  security clearance and to ensure no illegal workers,  are Indian painters and hackers, Malaysian tilers, window specialists, and plumbers, Singaporeans involved in glass work and electricals. From Bangladesh and China will be those providing hard surface works, with carpenters from Singapore and Malaysia. Wow, what opportunities and challenges to show the love and kindness of God to them, to speak the Word in season, to be co-operative and patient when things do not turn out as expected and disappointment on certain aspects creep in – they are not perfect people and I am imperfect too. But in Christ… that will make the difference. Will I make a difference in someone’s life in the next three weeks? Lord please help me.

Lead me to some soul today
O teach me Lord just what to say
Friends of mine are lost in sin
And cannot find their way
Few there are who seem to care
And few there are who pray
Melt my heart, and fill my mind
Give me one soul today.

I pray that  every Christian who reads this blog  will respond to His  call to evangelise today.  We must look out for opportunities which stare us  in the face everyday.. where would you be if that someone had not reached out to you with the gospel?

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? Romans 10:14

 13For whether we are beside ourselves, it is unto God; or whether we are of sober mind, it is unto you. 14For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that one died for all, therefore all died; 15and he died for all, that they that live should no longer live unto themselves, but unto him who for their sakes died and rose again. 2 Corinthians 12:13-15

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12 Responses to Dim Sum – Lord, lay some soul upon my heart

  1. ptl2010 says:

    It has been a period of “testing” on patience and endurance – waiting for different sub- contractors to carry out jobs committed to main contractor, but not performed to completion or to standards. Nevertheless yesterday , The Lord gave me an opportunity to share Jesus with the air conditioner supplier. He had injured his back on another job, and in asking about his back I asked him if he believed in God. No – he said, life is just a busy routine and a rut…everyday busy installing, maintaining air-conditioners. I shared that life is not assured just like my neighbour’s wife who procrastinated her decision for The Lord and she choked to death one week after I shared the gospel with her. He was visibly moved but I did not press for a decision – wanted it to be a considered decision as he had to move on to continue with his day’s schedule. Invited him to church on Sunday and provided church address by SMS.

  2. ptl2010 says:

    Yesterday’s challenges were not so much evangelistic but being Christ- like
    – to be helpful and kind to project coordinator who ran out of hours and notice was given that there was slight delay in waterproofing work and that the tilers needed more tiles. Will need more of the fruit of the Spirit as the project deadline draws nearer and perhaps more grace and flexibility with purpose is required and given to limited extent.
    – to be true to my word “yea is yea, and nay, is nay” -that I would send my suggested Tenancy Agreement to my tenant by end of the day., which I did at 10.49 pm praise God for His wisdom.

  3. ptl2010 says:

    Today’s challenge was sharing
    1. the navigator’s salvation bridge illustration as Mr Curtain is the only one in his family who is not a Christian. Why not a Christian? Because his dad who is 90 years old has had such a tight control over him since childhood that dad will be most unhappy and will scold Mr Curtain if he converts from idol worship. Mr Curtain’s understanding with his children is that they can be Christians but once a year at Chinese New Year when they visit their grandfather in Malaysia they must give traditional respect and also not mention they are Christians.
    2. Mr Curtain is busy on Sundays and cannot go to church so it is no use to become a Christian without going to church. Convinced him that it is a personal relationship with Lord that is important.
    3. He was impressed and touched that Christians from his wife’s church visited her when she was hospitalized. He said the idol worshippers would not care and that is the difference. Christians showed love and care. Explained that in other religions fear is the motivation which drives good works. But our good works can never meet God’s standard for salvation to get us to heaven. The Christian is assured of heaven in Christ and having benefitted from God’s love, shows appreciation in good works to others. He had nzever heard that before.
    4. Emphasized he will be on his own in eternity while his spouse and children will be in heaven. When he realized it, he said when he retires in five years’ time he will go to church with his family. Informed him that it is important to know The Lord before time runs out as he is 60 years. He has little idols on his shop table and said it is only custom. He wants finally to be with his family in heaven but only in five years time. If The Lord leads I will visit his shop again to follow up before time runs out on him.

    Project Coordinator’s compliment at end of day “I will always remember especially nice lady like you…God bless you” …and next step is to confirm it is my God’s blessings not his. That is for tomorrow 🙂

  4. ptl2010 says:

    Yesterday was the Malysian plumer’s day. He came to help his elder brother whom he called the headman. When asked what he believed he said the religion from Thailand. He was stopped by condo security because he had no work permit, so I was able to share the gospel and give him 2 tracts for him and his brother to read. Had no sharing with the headman as he had to double up to do his brother”s work as well.

  5. ptl2010 says:

    Today’s opportunities:
    – met the rental agent and his wife who had been informed by the agent I met yesterday that I would not pay agent ‘s commission. He said he will not charge me a commission as he and his wife are also Christians although they had never participated in sending Bibles anywhere.
    – met my potential tenant from Scotland. His wife was not there but he revealed he and his Caucasian wife had adopted a Singaporean child of Chinese/Malay descent when the baby was a few days old. Now he is 3 years old and returning to his country of birth. No he is not a Christian but a financier and loves children and will think about how his family can contribute to charity as the agent mentioned I am saving my agent’s commission for Bibles foe Senegal. K. I should have opportunities to witness to him and family in the future. We negotiated a rental price and with his prospects of remaining a tenant in the long term, I am pleased that The Lord has brought this man who has a kind heart for children, ( though not yet a Christian) to want to stay in my apartment for a comfortably higher price than I had thought possible. God has answered my prayer as a non- refundable deposit has been paide for reserving the unit and without even my paying a commission.
    To add, the tenancy begins on June 1, 2013 as he is returning to Singapore on June 1st and moving right in. I have therefore not lost rental in between tenancies. Praise The Lord.
    – a bonus today is that I met the lady upstairs who said we should have tea with me as she is a close friend of my future tenant. It was at her home today where she provided us a drink of water that we negotiated and signed our intent to rent agreement. Opportunity for more sharing.
    – as a result of my future tenant’s visit I am making some modifications to my renovation plans. So I had occasion to have discussion with my project coordinator. En route to the lighting shop, I found out he is supposed to pray 5 times a day and if he does not, he rolls his indebted prayer times to the end of the day. Also learned that he must not be absent from Friday prayers for three weeks consecutively for his sin would be considered to be real black with need for more cleansing.

    Praise The Lord He has given me more challenges with closer relations with non- Christians. The impact has been to make them all more conscious that we should not live only to ourselves. There are others we should reach each out to with positive impact.

    • Thank you for these ‘journal’ comments which allow us to pray intelligently for you and for the people you contact. Indeed we serve an incredibly amazing God who goes before us, preparing our way, enabling us to serve Him.

      • ptl2010 says:

        Thank you for your prayers Cloudwatcher. The Lord is my Shepherd, as I let Him lead. Praise The Lord! He supplies my every need.

  6. ptl2010 says:

    I will be journaling here my journey through the project.

    Today’s opportunities:
    – “In God we trust ” said my project coordinator when he heard me tell the interested housing agent that God knows exactly who my next tenant is, He knows who will occupy this condo unit which belongs to Him. We had occasion to discuss my God and his, on friendly terms.
    – had a brief chat with Chinese sub-contractor boss a skillful tiler – no he is not a Christian but his boss is a real Christian – he has been observing his big boss – kind, good and honest.
    – I alerted the Chinese condo security guard that maybe God will give me a new tenant tomorrow so please allow him in the condominium when he shows up tomorrow to view my condo unit. The security guard asked if I am a Christian as I mentioned God.He has been searching for the truth in the last few months. Yes I said, would he like to read some tracts I had picked up from church yesterday. He said yes, tracts in English, and not Chinese. So I left some English tracts with him at the security booth which he shares with others of different races and religions who work in 3 shifts. Praying tracts will also be read by the rest.

    Thank God He lives and walks and talks with me through many people He brings my way everyday As seeds are sown may He water with more opportunities with same people and many others in the days ahead to His honor and glory. Thank You God for today.

  7. I wrote that poem “Lead me to some soul today . . .” in the first Bible I bought, and every Bible since. I no longer come into contact with people every day, but it is still my prayer when I do my weekly shopping.
    Praying for your “soul today” as you witness to the workers and others.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Thank you Cloudwatcher -prayer support is the most effective tool of a sister in Christ in an evangelistic effort. Thank you for your love and faithfulness in prayer. The Lord anoint you in every opportunity of sharing Christ.

  8. 4hispraise says:

    I can imagine. Never to miss an opportunity. I pray that they will be skilled and good listeners as well.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Today’s opportunity was not the Bangladeshi who was the bathroom hacker, nor his local Chinese, boss (it was too noisy and there was a deadline to meet before the tilers begin their work on Monday) , but a Caucasian lady who had just moved from England with her family.. She lives on the third level above my unit. We have met 5 times over 3 days on the stair way. Last time today, she said “let us have tea after the renovation is done”. Has the Lord brought her to Singapore for me to share with her the gospel?

      Today I received unsolicited phone calls from two Singapore rental agents. I explained I will not be paying commission for the rental as I am on a project called Bibles for Senegal and will give the commission to the project rather than the agent. Both being Christians said that will be possible for in Singapore, if the owner asks the agent to rent the apartment the owner pays the commission. However, if the renter asks the agent to find a home for him/her, the renter pays the commission. The agent cannot receive from both owner and renter from the same transaction. I have asked in faith and the Lord will provide me the tenant who will take best care of my renovated apartment, at the best rental with no agent’s commission. Amen.

      Today I learnt something more as the Lord prepares the soil and the sower



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