Christian Urdu Blog – No 82 Something to think about No 83 Make Disciples

Here are the 82nd and 83rd Urdu translated blogs which are worth sharing with your family, friends and associates.


82nd blog written by Lyn Leahz     is entitled “Something to think about”

If today was your last day, and you never walked the face of this planet again, what would people remember you for?  .. When the time comes, and it is just you and God, what will He say about your life on earth?  Will He be well-pleased?  Moderately pleased?  Or, worse, not pleased at all?

83rd blog    written by Darrell Creswell is entitled ” If You Are Not Making Disciples – You Are Not Being One “

Jesus is telling us here in Matthew to go and lead the lost to the Cross, that they may obtain salvation. It is our personal responsibility to reach the lost, as each and every one of us are we are ministers of the Gospel by His commission and command.  To make disciples, you have to be one. It is time to stand up and be accounted for as the redeemed of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord needs “warriors” not “wishers” that are always saying, Lord I wish for this, Lord I wish for that. Jesus is telling us he wants us to make disciples.

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