I lift up my eyes – Psalm 139 – Highlights

From Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the whole Bible


Chapter 139

Some of the Jewish doctors are of opinion that this is the most excellent of all the psalms of David; and a very pious devout meditation it is upon the doctrine of God’s omniscience, which we should therefore have our hearts fixed upon and filled with in singing this psalm.

I. This doctrine is here asserted, and fully laid down (v. 1-6).

II. It is confirmed by two arguments:—

1.. God is every where present; therefore he knows all (v. 7-12).

2.  He made us, therefore he knows us (v. 13-16).

 Some inferences are drawn from this doctrine. It may fill us with pleasing admiration of God (v. 17v. 18). With a holy dread and detestation of sin and sinners (v. 19-22). With a holy satisfaction in our own integrity, concerning which we may appeal to God (v. 23v. 24).

This great and self-evident truth, That God knows our hearts, and the hearts of all the children of men, if we did but mix faith with it and seriously consider it and apply it, would have a great influence upon our holiness and upon our comfort when we do not understand situations in our lives.

To the chief musician. A psalm of David.

Response :

O Lord, our Heavenly Father and most high God.
It is our greatest privilege that even though You are the Almighty
You are interested in each one of us.

Lord, thank You for making it possible for us to draw nigh to You
So that we are not consumed.
Thank You Jesus, for giving Your life for us
Miserable as we are in our sins You came down from heaven’s glory to save us.

Your compassions they fail  not for every day we witness Your glory upon our  lives.
As the sun rises and sets each day  we know Your keeping power sustains us
As the next day dawns we know You were with us in the darkest night
And as the sun rises, Your hope dawns in our hearts
To bring new life to another day of Your grace and mercy.

Father we thank You for leading, protecting and keeping us faithful to the end
Nothing happens to us that You do not know
We acknowledge You for our yesterdays, today and tomorrows
For they are all in Your mighty hands
We need not fear but filled with confidence march on, from here to eternity
Safely in the care of our Omniscient God. Praise the Lord.

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