The Pope: Even Atheists Can Go To Heaven

PopeFancis   Source: Interesting News Update on This

The Pope staggered the world and especially the Christian community with the announcement in a speech that Atheists can be redeemed! Those within the Catholic church were concerned and the Evangelical community was shocked as well.

“Even Atheists Can Go To Heaven” Really?

So, why has this received so much attention? What makes this a worthy prophetic event? I will attempt to connect the dots from the Bible and the headline in the hopes to provide better clarity for us all. 

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I am the founder and publisher for the news analysis site, Prophecy Insight's, that is dedicated to providing you with up to date intelligence and analysis from the perspective of Bible prophecy, with an emphasis on Israel and what the Lord is doing in the Last Days. We help you to connect the dots between our headlines of today and the Bible.
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