Jesus Said, “IT IS FINISHED” But why do I still feel th way I do?

Jesus Said, “IT IS FINISHED”

But why do I still feel the way I do?

JOHN 10:10  The thief comes only to kill and steal and destroy; I have come that they may have life,

and have it to the full.

Have you ever been in a service and heard an amazing sermon, or even been reading your Bible, or how about this, you were worshipping God to great praise music only for a short time afterwards you ask yourself why do I still feel the way I do? What’s wrong or what’s going on with me?

Where I often get hung up is in the first part of the verse about the thief. I don’t worry about the thief taking possession of my soul. Scripture says that nothing or no one can take me away from God, therefore I am His child FOREVER. How I personally get hung up is by allowing the devil, or circumstances dictate who I am in Christ. Thereby giving these thief’s control over my life and then living and acting as if I’m forever defeated. What I do is allow him to kill my dreams and ambitions, steal my joy and victories and destroy any hope that there is an exciting life to be lived. There is countless ways coming at us day and night trying to makes us feel or live defeated. But CHECK THIS OUT, we have HOPE !!! Man we have Jesus, what greater hope? Guys Christ never ever leaves us, no matter how defeated we feel. Sometimes it takes patience and endurance and all that means is sometimes we just have to hold on and keep holding on and believe having faith that this whatever will not go on forever.

I understand this verse to mean that the thief’s only interest is in himself. However the shepherds interests is in his sheep, who listen to his voice. The shepherd being Jesus. Jesus leads us, not driving us. When we believe and follow Christ, we have the promise of eternal life, and our life being full meaning Christ will supply all our needs.

Guys here’s the encouragement. Gods Word is full of wisdom, It is packed with promises. God really wants the best for His children. But we have to do our part, by listening to God, by obeying Him. Where I find myself in trouble most of the time is because I don’t listen. I think there’s a short cut. Jesus is the only way, He is the Short Cut ! The encouragement is DON”T GIVE UP ! BELIEVE ! And if you want to hear from God, if you really want God to talk to you. You have to read His Word, the Bible. Not just once or twice, but read it. Ask God for the desire to know Him and His Word and the strength to follow Him. But you got to do your part, Don’t give up on God, He never gives up on us. PRAISE and GLORY BE to GOD. Amen.

Make it a Blessed Day

In Christ


© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012 and 2013

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5 Responses to Jesus Said, “IT IS FINISHED” But why do I still feel th way I do?

  1. adopted80 says:

    Rick, Thanks for helping point out things that I miss..

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  3. rickroehm says:

    My Brother,

    In the Word of God you will find these fascinating words of truth…”Walk by faith, not by sight”.

    What we see and touch around us (the visible things) in death, sickness, and tribulation can be subtle in effecting our emotions. These tangible things can distract – hinder – or even create obstacles in our lives that wil effect our walk with Christ. Worldly things we see, touch, and get involved in – can set you up for a “big” let down. The world you live doesn’t care about you. Tangible satisfactions, temporal things we touch, or human emotions will fail – thus they all persist to tear you apart.

    Faith in the invisible Christ brings confirmation to the human soul. We are to fight the good fight of faith in Christ. Endure hardships as good soldiers. Faith in Christ gives assurance from Heaven and tears down world obstacles. Walking with faith in Christ who is seated on His throne proves to God you are for real and sincere. God cares about you personally – even the hairs on your head are numbered. Faith in Christ allows you to be blessed of God, constant. Walking in faith is man’s connection with a living Savior. The world doesn’t offer such. Even though we see Christ not – faith knows Christ will never let me down. I will not fear what man shall do unto me. Walking by faith comes from the inside outward. Receiving the blessing comes from the Throne-room to you personally.

    What we see and touch doesn’t tell us this great truth…but faith in the person of Christ does. Faith in Christ will quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. That’s beautiful! God said so! Not a lightning bolt from Heaven…but a God-given truth that fortifies and makes the child of God strong. Be strong in the faith my Brother! By doing so you will keep the Devil on the run.

    Christ is far above all principalities…Faith in Him gives us victory…tangible -temporal -and world things – will give you nothing.

    Fellow Devil fighter… in Christ I stand.

    • adopted80 says:

      Rick, thank you for the encouragement..

      • rickroehm says:

        It’s my pleasure Brother to magnify Christ – His power, presence, and person…in a cold, dark world of confusion and defeat. When that veil was rent twain in the Temple and the Holy Spirit was given from Heaven – The Church was birthed – The Old Testament was finished and the New Testament began. When the divine nature comes in everything is new. New thinking – new character – and the reality of Christ becomes the source of victorious living. That is God’s opinion…not man’s. Read it! And by the way…I enjoy your poetry and dedication. Magnify Him Brother! Keep the Devil on the run.

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