HE LIFTS US UP: My Cause–Domestic Violence Awareness and GOD, The ONE Who Rescued Me

Daily Prompt: Blogger with a Cause..DV


and     GOD,  The ONE Who Rescued Me

As a former victim of most abuses, including recently workplace abuse, God has opened my eyes to the huge problem of abuse and called me to speak out against the abuses of this world. These abuses and domestic violence have been hidden by silence for too long. I am part of an army that He is raising from the ones who have been broken by this world and have overcome by the grace of God. He told me to write a book about abuse and my life story as He gave me divine inspiration for the wording and even the title…

The Walking Wounded:

The Path from Brokenness to Wholeness

by Secret Angel

The Walking Wounded is planned to be released soon for October’s Domestic Violence Awareness with the  majority of the proceeds of this book go to help victims of abuse across the nation and even the world as we walk this path with God.

He has led me to start a ministry to reach out to victims of abuse, Secret Angel Ministry, and gave me a desire in my heart for Secret Angel Safe Houses around the USA and even the world for the safety of these victims and the transformation of their lives through the Love of Christ.

He even gave me the Logo for Secret Angel Ministry when He told me “Purple Heart… like the medal given to wounded soldiers” and the color “purple for domestic violence awareness”. I realized then that He viewed victims of abuse as wounded soldiers and truly felt that He has a special place in His heart for the many broken by the abuses of this world. There was a link even to the book, The Walking Wounded, and the logo.


     God also sang to me and gave me poems to reach out to victims when I was not a poet… Or maybe, “I was a poet, and did not know it…”  He gave me lyrics by divine inspiration. Then, He connected me to another abuse overcomer whose passion was also for victims of abuse and she has put the music to “our” lyrics for our first song..

Walking Wounded….

with the proceeds of this song pledged to Secret Angel Ministry.

To purchase song go to: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dianarasmussen15

So you see, I have a cause that I blog about…

God is the One who led me to start blogging to reach out to victims of abuse and gave me the name,  The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel. Then He connected me to this international ministry, ChristianBlessings. He rescued me and what He has done for me, He can do for many more victims. I was broken similar to so many other victims and God rescued me from these abuses. He slowly put me back together and helped me to overcome. Now, God has been rebuilding me and telling me to trust Him and guiding my path into something that I can not even imagine. But this is not about me…  IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM… and GOD is still the Miraculous God where nothing is impossible.




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  3. Providence finds a way

  4. Beautiful Angel, abundant blessings to you!

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  6. secretangel says:

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    This is “My Cause”… the entire reason that I blog…

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