HE LIFTS US UP: Domestic Violence Awareness

As we near October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month,

these words came to me…


It is time that we speak up! Domestic violence has been hidden behind closed doors for too many years where it has just festered in families and society like hidden infections. Expose the violence!!  

Exposing the truth will help victims heal and hopefully break free from the cycle of abuse and stop it from spreading to other generations. Too many people feel that abuse is normal behavior, but it is not. It is a form of control and manipulation that has to be exposed.

I encourage all men and women to speak up against the horrific abuses that are occurring around the world. Exposing the abuses that we encounter, will encourage others to speak up and get the help that they need to get free. If anyone is in danger or even has questions, the domestic violence hotline in the USA is 888-411-1333.  Now, unfortunately, there are still countries that do not recognize domestic violence. I ask you to be in prayer that these countries will change their views and start to protect women and children, and that an international coalition against domestic violence will arise to reach out to the abuse victims around this world.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for all victims of abuse and for the broken across the entire world. I pray that You will rescue them as You have rescued me and show them the Light out of the darkness of their past, guiding them into their joyous future that you have planned for them. I pray that You will orchestrate laws in every country to protect the innocent. Keep Your hands of protection over them and set them free… in Jesus’ name… Amen

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel


Photos by: www.carelodge.com,   www.theguardian.com ,   theburtonwire.com
bulletinoftheoppressionofwomen.com,   www.blackandmissinginc.com

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