HE LIFTS US UP: Why “Secret Angel”?


People have asked… Why “Secret Angel”? Well, this is what God told me one day:


Not knowing where is came from, I turned to my old friend, Mr. Google and found that this quote is a take from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet famous quote: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Juliet argued that the names of things do not matter. She said that what mattered was only what things “are”. In other words, a name is just a name. What really matters is who you are inside…

According to Wikipedia, the meanings of “secret” are:
*kept from knowledge
*not acknowledged
*something unknown or unseen by others.

Then, when we look up the meaning of Angel, we find:

*A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God.
*A guiding influence.
*A kind and lovable person.
*One who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness.
*Someone with such a pure soul, who brightens the earth, and people around them.
*a person that you can truly love and trust.
*one who is sweet, kind, caring, quiet, calm, mellow.

So many have asked how the name “Secret Angel” came to be my name. Well, God put in my heart… Secret Angel, to represent the nameless and faceless victims of abuse across this world. There have been many terrorized victims who have cried out in secret for help and protection from their abusers. I know that these victims have a special place in God’s heart like His angels. With this name, I represent all of these victims.

I also represent the need to reach out to these victims. As a victim of abuse, I stay hidden as I speak out and encourage others to speak out where healing can occur. But as a messenger, I want to shout about the abuses of this world. I want to reach out to victims of abuse and show them THE LIGHT that led me out of darkness.

As Secret Angel, I have written a book about abuse because God told me to. I have started a ministry to help victims of abuse with a plan for the majority of proceeds from the book to go to help these victims with safe houses wherever the Lord leads around the world. You see, I can’t do that as myself. But, God can do anything and I am just His messenger, a humble servant, believing for the impossible to be possible.

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