Teens Blog: Known

After spending several days at a conference, I have come home completely Full and Overflowing!  I sit here with a notebook full of notes and a mind full of creative ideas, and as crazy as it may sound, this certainly feels like a Wednesday Without Words.

God has spoken so much into my heart and mind this week.  I am a bit overwhelmed at the thought of where to even begin sharing.

I honestly feel like I have just left the table completely stuffed from an amazing Thanksgiving meal and I NEED A NAP!  Please be patient with me as I sift through and begin to process and apply the words that God has spoken to my heart.

To be Loved is to be Known

To be Known is to be Loved

 God sees me for who I was…

God sees me for who I am…

God sees me for who I am becoming…

 This life that I live is NOT my own…

I am to BE LOVE so that He is Known…

I am Known… To make Him Known…

 All of these things are so easy to say, but am I living this out?  The only way to love is to be Intentional.  I must look beyond myself to seek out those who need love.

God did not tell us to “Change” our neighbor.  He told us to LOVE our neighbor.  We get this so mixed up.  How often do I seek out the lost and the lonely to show them genuine love? Or do I turn my head and use an excuse of Fear, Business, or just plain ole Selfishness!

God will give you an opportunity today…. Whether it is at a lunch table at school with friends that all want to “Fit in”, your kitchen table surrounded by children that call you Mom, a conference table surrounded by stressed co-workers, or the tailgate of a work truck with guys that are just trying to make a living… Someone sitting beside you will need LOVE today.

Will you rise up and Be LOVE today?  Will you make Him Known today?

We tend to make this more difficult than it needs to be.  Remember, God did not tell us to change our neighbor, He told us to Love them!

A Smile can change an attitude…

A Hug can change someone’s day…

A Friendship can change a life

A Relationship with Jesus can Change the World!

 To be Loved is to be Known

To be Known is to be Loved

About Kimberly

Sinner Saved by Grace... Happily married to my Best Friend... Mom of 3 Amazing Blessings... Writer... Dreamer...Jewelry Designer... Summer Camp Planner... Campfire Loving... Founder of InTenTional Ministry... Follower of Jesus Christ... and most of all...Loved by Him!

2 Responses to Teens Blog: Known

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Most important is to be known and loved by God. If you accept that you are blessed.
    If you do not accept – well you asked for it because He really knows and loves you BUT you choose not to accept what you know is good for you. May God have mercy on you.

  2. rickroehm says:

    Each and every believer around the globe regardless of age…accepts Christ personally. When acceptance of Christ is made…Pardon is granted for all sins of the past. You are born of God…you are known by God as one who turned. You are made accountable to the Father. There is no condemnation upon those who have received God’s seal of approval…in Christ Jesus. You know Him and He knows you. Together throughout life…you walk in communion with Christ.

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