Dim Sum – When I am gone

“Do not cry for me when I am gone
For I will be with Jesus. ”
That was the advice my mother gave to me and my siblings when we were young.

– She taught us to seize today, the opportunities to be kind, good, and loving to the living. Do not wait for a person (whether family, friend or associate) to die before we show to the world our kindness, goodness and love and hypocrisy.

– My mother said “Give me flowers while I can enjoy them, don’t send me wreaths when I am gone.” A neighbor had passed away and after the funeral the family had to employ a contractor to dispose of the many, many heaps of wreaths received from family, friends and business associates. We knew the family was very broken in family relationships as there was very strong sibling rivalry at home and in business which “tortured” the dead mother in her lifetime.

– “Turn to the Lord, while I can help you
grow strong in the faith and before the evil days draw near.” So glad we did, as a Mother’s prayer was worth all our worldly sacrifices to follow her in faith. How many were the heartaches, tears and brokenness we missed because of obedience to His Word. There are many today who wish Mother’s prayers could follow them and
spare them their sadness and suffering they have brought to themselves.

– “Give to the Lord the best fruits of your labor. Give and do good, as unto Him, in appreciation for all He has given. Do not give and expect a return from the receiver for the Lord’s pleasure is your reward” and so we have given as the Lord has led and been blessed to witness Him multiply our gifts, as He multiplied the five loaves and two fish on Galilee’s shores long ago. She was our example in giving – and taught us the joy of giving to the Lord.

– “Teach and spread the gospel as far and wide so you can experience the love of God freshly fill you and run over to others. ” How blessed are those who announce peace and bring good news of happiness, who announce salvation, and say our God reigns!” truths we have witnessed with every missionary and child of God we have been privileged to have worked with. Fresh love is best love.

– “Do not be afraid to serve the Lord for He will be with you and will never leave you” – such fearless truth will carry us through our lifetime even though she is gone.

– “Give praise and thanks to the Lord for all good things come from Him. What seems bad will turn out good . He loves you too much to give you anything bad. ” She was not afraid to pass to us the hard truths of life and we continue her practice of giving thanks.

– “Pray without ceasing for you touch the heart of God with every call in praise, thanksgiving and petition.” It is a reality in our lives for He changes not, through her lifetime and into ours today.

– “Trust Him and lean not to your own understanding” – through difficult misunderstandings and when the road is clear, He can be trusted to be in control – O what needless pain and worries we have borne when we trusted in ourselves.

She has gone and it has been since 1984. Praise the Lord her faith remains in each one of us in our extended family.

Friend if no one has taught you the simple truths above, consider them now as being passed to you. Adopt them for your own and experience Him in your life and be truly blessed in Jesus’ Name. Then pass it on.  Amen.

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4 Responses to Dim Sum – When I am gone

  1. While the father is held responsible, as the priest of the family, I certainly believe a mother’s faith and prayers are often the power house of the family, having the biggest influence on the next generation.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Praise God for mothers and grandmothers who faithfully teach and live His Word. They light the way for us showing us what God can do for and with us.
      God bless you Angela, may you shine for Jesus where He has placed you.

  2. ptl2010 says:

    Thank you for your comment. The Lord bless you and your heirs and may you pass them the heritage God has blessed you with.

  3. Andy Oldham says:

    This is so profound! Thank you for sharing!

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