Dim Sum – I was glad

“I was glad when they said to me “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”

How glad  are you to go to the house of the Lord on Sunday?Does how you arrive  and behave in church on Sunday morning betray how you feel?

– You are late on arrival and you step in to find there is not a seat at the back of the church and you have to move right up to the front pew to your embarrassment?

– Your hair is tousled and you feel half asleep as the worship songs do not reflect what is in your heart – for there  is un-confessed sin which separates you from the Father – you look around and find many in deep worship and experiencing the presence of the Lord while you are standing outside and looking in because your heart came unprepared to worship the righteous One.

– Oops the offering bag is being passed for the morning collection and you forgot.. forgot to bring your sacrifice, your offering to the Lord. You dig into your purse or wallet but you had spent all you had with nothing left for Him… you had spent what belonged to Him too!

– The cosy environment in church –  cool when it is warm outside and warm while it is cold outside, finds your head swaying from side to side in a stupor as the Pastor preaches the Word, the enemy has succeeded to put you to sleep – the preaching  is nothing compared to the late night movie you watched – sure nothing compared to it because it was of a different genre – of broken lives which continue in sin and cheating of loved ones, compared to the message of true love on the cross, of One who cheated death to reconcile you to God. The message ends and you have not heard the Lord speaking to you to turn from your wayward life – and you exit church with a complaint- the preacher was boring  – you heard words you were not ready or willing to accept.

– It is time to shake hands of welcome and you prefer not to proffer that hand for you had neither felt welcome or welcoming. You would rather not say “Glad to see you, God bless” or even “hope to see you next week” for would you return for such a waste of time – untouched by song, worship, prayer and the Word!

Don’t blame God –  He reached out to you and His people did too but you were too deaf to hear for you  chose to become a hypocrite – you were not glad to be in the house of the Lord.

The whole week you feel out of sorts, as the Lord continues to speak to you – there is no rest, no peace – will you enter into His presence with a seeker’s heart? Will you ask Him to  take  your life and make it consecrated to Him again?

He is waiting for you to enter His courts with praise and thanksgiving. Come  He beckons and revel in His Presence once again with the family of God.

Come let us sing to the Lord , let us give joyfully all our praises to Him.


I remember my sister like it was yesterday
Each Saturday evening she would decide what baby would wear
Prepare the milk powder feeds for next day
Ensure she did not forget her special Sunday bag
Where baby’s favorite distractions of toys and “magic” would be packed
to keep baby’s attention on the distractions
So that there would be no distractions during Sunwday worship .

She was the church pianist
Never schooled in music
But when she was committed and surrendered to serve the Lord each Sunday
She played under anointing , and flowed with the Spirit
She was such a true accompanist to worship
Especially as she said “I was glad when they said “Let us go to the House of the Lord”
And prepared herself and Baby on Saturday nights to serve on Sunday.
What a joy it was for her to serve the Lord in His house.

Do not  let your  baby be your reason for not coming into the House  of the Lord with thanksgiving and joy. You will be sad if it truly is your reason.

God be merciful to those who do not prepare themselves for Sunday worship
Who enter His gates not with thanksgiving but trepidation
Embarassed by unpreparedness and failing to be blessed at Sunday worship
To prepare when we shall fall prostrate at His feet in worship in the courts of heaven.

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