Why Turning Over a New Leaf is a Bad Idea – Inspirational Bible Verses

Why Turning Over a New Leaf is a Bad Idea – Inspirational Bible Verses

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I hear people say all the time, “I am going to turn over a new leaf”. Now that may sound good in theory, but this logic when applied to reality does not quite fit. The problem is that even if we are able to turn over a new leaf, our past failures and shortcomings are still there. They have to be dealt with.Let me explain it like this. Let’s say that I owed 25,000 dollars on my credit cards, and I decide to write a letter and tell them not to worry about my past bills as I have turned over a new leaf, and if they will forget my past debt, I will promise to pay them 100% on all my bills in the future. Not only would they say no, but they would think that I was crazy to make such a proposal. As ludicrous as this may seem, there are people every day that offer this kind of deal to God for their future without any regards to their past.The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:15 that God will call our past into account. God’s standards are high and demand that our past sins be accounted for, settled, and paid for according to His righteousness. There are many in today’s society that are able to evade detection for their crimes and live many years as perfect citizens under the radar, undetected by the criminal justice system. But under the law, they are still criminals, and sooner or later they are discovered and their crimes are called into account and they are punished.We all are criminals guilty of sin in God’s sight, deserving of punishment for our crimes. We cannot simply “turn over a new leaf” without being held accountable for our sins. So what are we to do? The answer is found at the foot of the cross where a loving Savior became incarnate flesh and gave His life for us, so that in turn He would be held accountable for our sins that we might be presented before God holy and blameless. He died to save us from the penalty of sin, and He lives to deliver us from the bondage of sin. In Christ we are no longer condemned by our past sin, but made righteous by the precious blood shed at Calvary.How many of us, be we one or all, in our moment of distress, or in fear of circumstance have promised God that if He would rescue us from our predicament, we would turn over a new leaf? How many of us have said, “God if you will fix this, I will make a pact to turn over a new leaf and be a better person”? The funny thing is that none of these promises matter to God. The only promise that carries any weight with God is the promise of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Romans 8:1 assures us that there is no condemnation to those that are in Christ. Any complaints or grievances that God would have against any of us are erased by the blessing of grace in Christ Jesus. The sentence for our sins was executed upon the body of our Lord.  We were redeemed from death and made alive in Christ, passing from death to life by His grace.

I have failed God miserably on more than one occasion in my life, and my life was filled to the brim with sin. I have no fear that I will be held accountable for my sins, deeds, actions or words because Jesus paid the price for me on Calvary, where Divinity became humanity in order to redeem the world from sin.

John 5:24 tells us “Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes Him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.

Such is the power of God’s grace.

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