Its Cold Outside – Guest Post – Justin Creswell

Its Cold Outside – Guest Post – Justin Creswell


its cold outsideToday is a guest post from my son Justin. I admire him very much and appreciate the gift the Lord has given me of being his father. I hope you enjoy his post :)  Blessings, DarrellIts cold outside. Colder than yesterday… colder than the majority of months most previously passed. I’m not sure what it is about the first glimpse of winter that always ushers in the euphoric sense of nostalgia I’ve become so fond of. As the days of summer gradually lose their luster, I look forward to this mini-season in earnest.

The seasonal change incites a strange feeling of deja vu—- like I’ve been in this very place many instances before. Because, in fact, I have… 30 times. You see, winter bleeds into summer somewhat slowly. The extremity of it’s frigid days desaturate almost imperceptibly—- there is no exclamation mark indicating its demise. The end of summer, on the other hand, seems markedly more deliberate.

There is an ephemeral window that punctuates the transition a bit more dramatically. It is this dramaticism that sticks with you… the cool winds of October seemingly manifest out of nowhere. They viciously attack victims as front doors swing open and people step foot into that first chilly day, never knowing what stands to greet them. It is this dramaticism that triggers and impregnates endearing feelings of nostalgia.

When Winter comes to town, you know for certain that it has arrived. It sweeps in with a sense of urgency… as if running critically late.

Leaves wither and die; yet, in the process, their commanding colors subtlety reveal the beauty of the cycle of life.

I’m reminded that I too have been included in this cycle of life for an additional year. I think of loved ones who have also survived yet another calendar year. And with the wind gusting at my back, I look forward to feeling these early wintry breezes once again.

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