Lessons From Gideon

Based on Judges Chapter 6:

Gideon-LeadershipThe story of Gideon is a powerful example of how our Messiah, Jesus Christ sees us. He sees us as people that are filled with His attributes. He sees us as conquers and victorious. People of mighty works in His name, works and miracles that He did and even greater!

From time to time we may feel afraid, fearful, frustrated and not very victorious with ourselves and with life, much as Gideon did. When The Angel of The Lord (Yeshua, Jesus) appeared to Gideon, he was at a wine press threshing wheat. Threshing wheat in a wine press
( See the wine press at Shivta, Israel ) would have concealed Gideon so that no one would have seen him, the fact that he was threshing wheat in secret, well that’s very telling about the state of Gideon’s heart and mind at that time and it reveals to us that he was most likely ruled by fear and doubt.

I want to turn our attention to what The Angel of The Lord said to Gideon. He said, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!” Interesting how the Lord announced what Gideon would become because Gideon by his own admission was anything but a “Man of Valor,” and in fact, at that very announcement the Lord put in motion the events that would lead to Gideon becoming “The Man of Valor.”

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I am the founder and publisher for the news analysis site, Prophecy Insight's, that is dedicated to providing you with up to date intelligence and analysis from the perspective of Bible prophecy, with an emphasis on Israel and what the Lord is doing in the Last Days. We help you to connect the dots between our headlines of today and the Bible.
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