Dim Sum – Sisters in unity

"Where there is love there is life."

“Where there is love there is life.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My sister and I are about two years apart in age, born just after the  liberation from  the Japanese occupation of Singapore, more than sixty years ago.

As was  Mary and Martha we are  unlike one another,  although we were up to the age of 12 years dressed similarly, with equality in parental treatment and love.

In the home, her’s and mine, she is like Martha,  practical  and the doer, while  I am like Mary, the happy wonderer.   The differences we are,  make us a  wonderful team, before my brother came along to join us  seven years later. I can testify it is great to be God=blessed with  a sister who is a doer, not only in the matters of the home but also in extended family care.

It is  great when we can pray and cast our mutual cares on the Lord and know that there is nothing impossible with God be it health related issues, family or home related issues, and even personal relationship issues. When we are joined in heart before the Father’s throne in our weaknesses,  that is when we are strongest in Him. Praise God He has brought us  through many family challenges in parental care, in family decisions.

Our ability to overlook each other’s faults attiributing it to the fact that we have been uniquely and wondrously made, have allowed us to forgive and not grudge each other for the advantages or disadvantages one has had over or from the other.  Sibling rivalry was never a bone for contention as we each have different God given purpose – she to be a mother and grandmother at home, while I was assigned  to be a career professional  internationally, to serve and minister as the Lord has equipped me for strange offices and among foreign peoples.

We love the Lord with all our hearts and have poured out that love to His people too. Her ministry was in music and worship, and in discipleship while mine was in evangelism,  outreach beyond the church walls and administration. I was blessed with special courage to approach strangers who need The Lord. Praise the Lord,  we both are in the prayer ministry following after our parents’ examples,  because we know our God answers prayer and can testify to it through the years.

We are blessed to trust one another to accept the decisions made one for the other to know that it will always be for our good and not evil. What a fellowship we enjoy  sharing  God’s wonderful gifts and sacrificing for each other in learning  life lessons in harmony.

Perhaps you have longed for such sisterly affection and family bonding as I have enjoyed – it only begins with that first step – an action in love, in trust, in fellowship and of course much prayer for one another. Do not wait for her to take the first step. For me it was always easy, being the elder to reach out to the younger. We have prayed together and shared disappointments and woes and discussed challenges and waited together for the Lord’s time and grace and mercy. We have been blessed.

And so we have tried to extend this wonderful joy and blessedness of sisterly love,  to our adopted family of God locally and internationally,  sometimes  we have been accepted with scepticism and lack of trust. No we  do not wait to be served, it is our privilege to seize that opportunity to bless with His blessings from above. It is our choice to be that light and salt to the world to whom He has sent us.

Will you join us in simple sisterly affection,  love and unity  in the family of God?

He sees what you do, He hears what you say
Our Lord is watching all the time, time, time.
If you want more of His love,
you must give His love away
For the more you give, the more He gives
Beyond our capacity to receive.
What a joy – you must experience it to know it.

All praise to our Father in heaven.


Happy and Blessed  Birthday dear Sis!

thank God for your loving family who follow after The Lord everyday.


P.S. Brotherly love and unity is contagious too in the family and church environment. So there is hope and joy  also for the brothers who live in unity.

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2 Responses to Dim Sum – Sisters in unity

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Thank you my sister in The Lord. Indeed may He pour out His blessings on you and family as He has done to me and my sister. Praise The Lord.

  2. secretangel says:

    Many blessings to both of you and Happy Birthday!!! May God pour out His blessings onto both of you and your entire family!! 🙂

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