What the Bible teaches about the Bride and Bridegroom

The Bride…which is the Church (universal) consists of the spiritual body of Christ where “all Christians throughout the world” are members of Gods universal body of believers.

The Bridegroom is the enthroned Christ in Heaven that presently awaits the Rapture (or the calling out of the Church to escape Great Tribulation) that is promised to come upon the unsaved world in these latter days.

The Rapture’s calling out of the Church is Gods final Judgment for all members of the Church Universal to escape Tribulation and Wrath promised to come upon the Earth (predicted in the book of Revelation). The event of the Rapture will take place seven years before Christs (the Bridegrooms) return in Divine Judgment to set up His promised Kingdom in Israel Matt. 25:1.

During the Rapture of the Church, (the Bride which consists of all the called out members of Christ’s body) meet the Bridegroom (Christ) in the air to escape God’s prophetic Judgment to come upon the Earth. Together, a union is made between “Christ and all believers” who have either passed to the grave; or are presently alive in Christ when the Rapture takes place. In the Rapture of the Church, a resurrection of the dead; and a glorification of those who are alive in Christ will take place! This complete group of called out believers will ascend to Heaven; unite with Christ; and remain with an enthroned Christ, for the period of seven years. Together in Heaven, a Marriage takes…between the Bride (the Church universal) and Bridegroom (Christ).

At the end of the seven year Tribulation a celebration takes place in Heaven called the Marriage Supper, Rev. 19:9…Christ (the Bridegroom) and all the saints in Heaven (the Bride…prepare to return to Earth to set up the Promised Kingdom of Heaven in Jerusalem.

At the beginning of this 1000 year reign of Christ with all the saints, God will renovate the Earth with fire. (Physical Earth will be sanctified) Christ will then return in vengeance to bring wrath and Divine Judgment upon the unsaved Earth just before He sets up the initial stage His physical Kingdom on Earth. After Gods renovation upon the Earth with fire; and Divine Judgment upon the unsaved, Gods promised Earthly Kingdom will first begin in Jerusalem (according to prophecy). When Christ is seated upon the Throne of His Father David (in Jerusalem) the Law of God will flow from Zion. Zion is where King Davids earthly throne existed in Israel.

During the 1000 year reign of Christ with all His saints, the physical and earthly Kingdom of Heaven will be established on in Jerusalem. Here, the Bridegroom and the Bride begin their honeymoon (on physical earth for 1000 years). Zech. 14:5, Rev. 19:11, 1 Thess. 3:13, Jude 14. This promised Kingdom (or honeymoon between the Bride and Bridegroom) will first begin in Jerusalem and later spread throughout the Earth during the Millennial Reign of Christ with all His glorified saints. Preaching continues until the White Throne Judgment. Rev. 14:6 Judgment is made according to the Gospel.

At the end of this 1000 year reign of Christ on Earth with all the saints, Heaven and Earth fled away (The Bride and the Bridegroom) go back to the Father before the Judgment of the Great White Throne. This Great and terrible Judgment will come upon the wicked dead. The Great White Throne Judgment is a bodily resurrection of the wicked dead. Rev. 20:11 In this Divine Judgment all the wicked dead; Death and Hell; and the Devil himself, are cast into the lake of fire. Rev. 20:14 At this time the first heaven and the first Earth will be passed away.

After Gods Great White Throne Judgment and the second death…the holy city, the heavenly Jerusalem descends back to Earth, prepared as a Bride. This Bride that descends is called the lambs wife. Rev. 21:9 Both the Bride and Bridegroom come back to earth to live for Eternity. The curse from the fall of Adam is lifted from the earth and from humanity. Rev. 22:3 At this time God pours out His Spirit upon “all flesh” as promised by the Prophet Joel and Ezekiel. Everything on Earth is completely restored as it was in the Garden of Eden before the fall. All humanity is restored! Complete restoration of Earth and humanity! No more redemption! Eternity now takes over where time existed. Everything is eternal! Heaven on Earth! Halleluiah! 1 Cor. 15: 24-28

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4 Responses to What the Bible teaches about the Bride and Bridegroom

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  2. ptl2010 says:

    May we be ready for the Bridegroom when He comes.

  3. Great analysis of the bride and bridegroom. Thank you so much for sharing this blog. I wish more people would write about what is written in the book of Revelation. I always find it very enlightening. God bless.

    • rickroehm says:

      God inspired. Been studying this subject for 26 years. Worth sharing. So nice to hear from you Christina and to see your zeal to dig into God’s Word. Our faith is based on this Word of Truth. Revelation is fascinating. Stay in Christ and continue representing Him with a whole heart. Best regards…to you a, family, and ministry.

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