Temptation and the two types of Christian

Two types of Christian.

1. Justified
2. Sanctified

  • A just man lives with power to do right…but the Old Man still tries to rule.
  • A sanctified man lives with power to do right…but the Old Man is crucified and the (body of sin is destroyed).

“All Christians are justified but not all Christians are sanctified. Sanctification deals with the Old Man that is not dealt with in Justification.”

As a gauge to distinguish the difference between the two types of Christians – let us review, ” The effects of temptation.”

Temptation comes upon a just man where the Old Man still tries to rule. The Old man breaks weak and yields to the temptation. The deceitfulness of sin brings forth death and then condemnation occurs.

In the case of a sanctified man lets review temptation. Temptation arises but the Old Man is gone. This believer does not yield to the temptation as the moral standard and power of God prevails. Victorious living and overcoming is the picture.  Temptation is not yielded to. Christ gets the glory!

The Grace of God forgives sin. The Grace of God pardons the sinner.  The Grace of God crucifies the Old Man. The Grace of God sanctifies the heart from the Old Adam. The Grace of God “destroys” the root of sin.

Temptation doesn’t have the same effect on a sanctified man…as it does a justified man.

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3 Responses to Temptation and the two types of Christian

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  2. rickroehm says:

    At the turn of the century “Azuza Street” taught this form of doctrine. Revival broke out. William Seymour (the leader of Azuza Street) taught Entire Sanctification that removed the Adamic life. Sanctification wasn’t just about speaking in tongues. Sanctification was also about getting rid of the Old Adam. Sanctification led to prayer and the passion for winning souls. Every place in history where Revival broke out, “Sanctification was being taught”. It’s not unusual that some do not accept the doctrine of Sanctification. Sanctification obligates the believer and makes them ever accountable to God. The fact is some do not want every minute and every day accountability to God for obedience and right-standing. I have taught sanctification for 26 years. No regrets and many blessings.

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