An invitation for YOU to join us fight abuse


With this blog, I would like to step up ChristianBlessings’ support of the ministry to the abused and against abuse,  which has been  initiated by ChristianBlessings’ prolific and gifted Contributor, SecretAngel.  I invite YOU and your networks  to join us in this effort to God’s glory and save some  and help recovery and healing from abuse.

Yes YOU are Special!

We need YOU

Abuse is everywhere and occurring every minute by or to someone you know.

YOU have several circles of influence

YOU can point them (abuser, victim, pastor, counselor, family or friend)   to Jesus Christ’s  deliverance and power of victory over abuse.

YOU can help someone  come to Christ

and make the difference to someone in need and suffering.

Let us achieve together for the Lord.

There are many ways YOU can be involved

Choose your involvement

Indicate ” LIKE”

and DO IT  for  the Lord today and everyday.


1. Purchase a copy for your reference and reading pleasure .Read this newly-published book. Parent, relative,  pastor, social worker, friend – you need to read this new book  

The Walking Wounded: The Path from Brokenness to Wholeness

bookcovermargo1-e1377669343995by our own prolific, daily   “He Lifts us Up”  blog Contributor SecretAngel, whom the Lord delivered and gives victory over her experiences of abuse in the first person.

Here is a review of the book by Pastor Dan Ledwith highly recommending this book to his peers and colleagues.

Review–The Walking Wounded

Here are other Reviews

Other Book Reviews on the Walking Wounded – 2

To order the book click

Please note

that printed copies of above book The Walking Wounded are shipped only within the United States for now.

The e-book of The Walking Wounded are available globally.


2.As you read the book

a. identify the various forms of abuse and consider if you know anyone who may be so abused or is an abuser.

b. learn the impact and reactions of that abuse on the abused as well as the abuser and consider how you may help arrest abuse by anticipating triggers of abuse.

c. learn the  steps to take from abuse and the techniques of gaining victory over abuse – identify anyone you know who needs help in this area.

d. pray how you can help that  family member, relative, friend, church member who is abusing,  suffering abuse,  and need to cope or secure deliverance from abuse. Be available for the Lord to give you wisdom and discernment to be involved. Pray for them and the opportunity to be a cathartic post for relief, better understanding their situation and pointing options for their decision out of  abuse.

3. Action Your findings and Share  information  man-with-stop-sign-04

YOU are the centre of several community networks including your family, peers and  associates in work groups, professional counselors and behavior influencers like pastors in churches, social enterprises with targets to help the abused – half way houses for abuse recovery and reform  centres for abusers

a. Community outreach – list all people and organizations in your locality, who/which could be more effective in fighting abuse with information from   the book.  If affordable send them  a  copy for staff and library reference e.g. pastors, churches, counseling centres and university training centres for social workers in the local community. Even inter-religious institutions could be sent a copy as an option to their treatment, perchance the Lord opens their eyes to His way for handling abuse.

b. Distributor outreach – identify local bookshops – Christian and secular –  to interest them in ordering the book for sale. You may do the same by printing or emailing Pastor Dan Ledwith’s book review and having them contact SecretAngel for arrangements for bookstore supply of the book. Encourage them to publicise the book on their in-house website and also in membership catalogues.

c. Website outreach – send Pastor Dan’s review to church and Christian website owners to request them to write a blog against abuse with encouragement to get a copy of the book.

d. . Individual outreach

i)  share your book copy with a friend or anyone identified in point 2.c above.

ii)  or encourage  them to get  a copy by purchase or borrowing from their library. If their library does not have it, recommend to the Librarian to purchase a copy.  Spread the network.

iii) discuss  the subject of abuse at your Bible study or cell group  and if possible raise donations to purchase the books for free distribution to institutions and individuals . Ignorance is not bliss – we must adopt an active onslaught against abuse at all levels and primarily effective will be at the person to person level.

iv) find out about local  help institutions and their contacts and how they operate, and in alliance with them work against abuse by referral or volunteering service and financial donations.

v)  recommend SecretAngel’s blogs which can be found here on ChristianBlessings in Category of “He lifts us up” and at and

 vi) reblog this blog on your blogsite and invite others to fight abuse with us.

vii) pray everyday for abuse fighters including SecretAngel and her team.

e. Personal – if you are an abuser or abused move to Victory and Freedom from abuse.

i )  acknowledge your need for the Lord’s help to be free from abuse,

ii ) speak to a trusted friend, a counsellor,

iii) pray and ask The Lord for strength to get out of abuse and it’s curse.

Come free –

The Lord waits for you to come clean.
He loves you and wants to deliver.
Jesus Christ is your hope.
Give Him a chance to help you Today.

As encouragement to all involved, Do indicate  your “Like” here and get others to do the same. Let us build a wall of volunteers against abuse.

The Lord sees and will answer our prayers and move and intervene as only He can.



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    Words can not express my heart-felt gratitude for your kindness and loving support for me and our ministry. God is raising His army to fight abuse, and I really appreciate you spreading the word to help fight this worldwide problem, May God pour out His blessings upon you, my sister!!

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