Finding Your Perspective – Christianity Around The World – Christian Media

Finding Your Perspective – Christianity Around The World – Christian Media


Perspective Psalm 119:18 Gods Word

Perspective: A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. Our perspective is the way we see something. We all perceive our walk with the Lord as something very personal and unique.The “Christianity” that we perceive here in America is one that many around the world would not even recognize. In my life in particular I am able to pick and choose the things concerning my faith that sooth my spiritual pallet. I have cable and in my programming there is everything from Precious Memories with the Gaithers to classic reruns from Billy Graham. There are endless avenues from which to feed my spiritual appetite.  It is in feeding that appetite that I must be careful. When we constantly feed ourselves with the things that “we want” to hear, we sometimes miss the things that “God needs” us to hear.In most countries around the world, there is not endless programing and media from which to choose. One would think that with all the resources available to Believers here in the USA, we would be much more grounded and stronger in our faith, but I am not so sure such is the case. 

If our “religious freedom” is even slightly abused here in the US, we are quick to raise a stink, threaten litigation and alert the media. In much of the world the Christian church has gone underground because of persecution. The Word of God is all they have to feed their spiritual appetites and even that resource is limited. At the time of this writing approximately 200 million Christians around the world live under social and government persecution. What we call threats to our religious liberty here in America amounts to nothing more than a nuisance compared to many countries abroad.

In multiple countries around the world Christians are murdered, imprisoned, beaten and put to death because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet in the face of such stringent opposition to their faith, they are steadfast in their beliefs never losing their perspective. Yet many of the resources at our fingertips are not available to them. Where do they find the strength to endure? They find their solace in God’s Word.

It is obvious to that our nation’s morals and values are declining. I attribute much of this to the convoluted perspective that we have as believers due to the increased lack of Bible study and the increasing influence of “meaningless Christian media.” Many in Christian media will profess to show a believer everything they need to know to live a meaningful life, but those same people watching will not accept the wisdom and advice given from Scripture. They have lost perspective.

Our perspective in grace will enable us to see the truth that God has for our life. We must keep our hearts and minds rooted in His word. If we observe our faith from the media’s perspective we will see our faith through their eyes. If we keep our observation through God’s Word, we will our life through His eyes.

Letting God’s Word be our main perspective will save us from misplaced priorities and poor choices, allowing us to concentrate on the issues of greater significance that God has planned for our lives. It is through grace we will find the correct viewpoint to have a sensible outlook for our life.

               Psalm 119:18  – Open my eyes that I may see the wonderful things in your Word.


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  1. Beautiful picture, Darrell! God is on the move…if it is His Word that goes forth, it will not return void. We as believers have the opportunity to read His Wisdom in the bible openly ANYWHERE here in America. But slowly, even this freedom has been challenged by secular & special interest groups or systems, who would like to mute the voice of Truth being preached. I do not care who, when, why and how the Word of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is shared because there is coming a time that this opportunity will be a choice of life or death to ALL who BELIEVE in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Get the Truth of salvation and true liberty of life in Christ Jesus to those who He brings in our path, I say! He calls us to go out into the highways and byways and preach the Good News! My convictions are to stay grounded in the scriptures and what it teaches and then share to the best of my ability the Grace of God that saved my life for all eternity! Our God will take care of the “tares” when the Harvest is ripe! Go, Go, Go…for Jesus! He is our High Priest and is ever interceding on our behalf…it is our built in FILTER that guards our heart from what might try to come up along side of what the Truth plants and the presence of wickedness tries to sows. God love is unfailing! Praise the Lord!!

    Continue the good works that God has brought into your path, Darrell! I am so blessed by what God places in your heart to share with us…Blessings~Zoey

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