Lent (A Series): Too “High Church”

How do you worship God ? is it “high” or “low” church?


The celebration of Lent is often described as being too “high church.” Sounds kind of snooty, doesn’t it? “High Church!” At the other end of the spectrum is “low church.” Sounds right out of Hicksville… “Low Church.” Unfortunately, these terms are often used to denigrate the forms of worship in different denominations.

The terms “high” and “low” church have their foundation in the Protestant Reformation. Many reformers viewed the worship service of the Catholic Church as being too steeped in ritual, liturgy, priestly vestments, order of worship, etc. They saw worship as being based more on form than substance and spirituality.

As Protestantism grew and spread, many Christians adopted worship practices that were less structured and more spontaneous. In turn, this contributed to the founding of different Protestant denominations. Spirituality became the basis for everything in the worship services… prayer, sermons, order of worship all became less structured. One might…

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