In a PC World, Love suffers

I have a “thing” for kids, especially the young ones.

NO! It’s NOT THAT kind of thing! There will never be any need for me to register on a list. I simply love kids in a positive, healthy sort of way. I tease them, try to encourage them… gosh, I even have been known to hug ’em frequently.

That’s frequently, all together too frequently, not acceptable in our PC world.

I’ve written about my young friend Jason. Jason is severely autistic. The only understandable word Jason has ever spoken is “Santa.” How much pain must his parents feel?

Yet Jason is a pretty sharp kid. He is vividly aware about what’s happening around him. Working as a grocery cashier, Jason’s parents seek my line when they visit the store. When Jason sees me, he just lights up. He has a smile that has to brighten anyone’s day.

I always pay special attention to Jason. It’s not because I feel sorry for him. I simply love the young man. He brings joy to my life.

This week, when I delayed the line for less than a minute, an impatient customer said to Jason’s parents “How can you let him (meaning me) do that?” The implication was “Do you know what kind of person this is hugging your son.”

Eileen, Jason’s mom responded simply: “Because of love. There’s not enough of that in the world today.”

Political Correctness… in some very fundamental ways it has become the bane of humanity.




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4 Responses to In a PC World, Love suffers

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    “Love one another as I have loved you.”

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    This is sad but very true.

  3. Wonderful message my brother!

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