Is creation God’s great hoax?

Is creation God’s great hoax?I know many will be offended by this question. This question bothers me a great deal. Yet, when we compare the creation as described in Genesis 1 with the findings of science, it is a legitimate question and one that is used in some form by those who do not believe that the entire universe is God’s creation.

Before I continue, let me say that I absolutely believe that God is the Creator of all things. This is the foundation of my faith and I do not question in any way that fundamental fact.

Created by His spoken word


According to Genesis 1 God created the universe in six days. There are strong arguments that these were literally six earthly days. God created the universe by His spoken word. I believe that not only the Bible, but all of creation are therefore God’s Word.

As I have written before, included in His creation are what we call “the laws of nature.” As science has developed, we have “discovered” more and more of these laws. They are contained in what are called all of the “sciences” (biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc.)

When we apply all of these “laws”, as we learn more and more about how this immense and intricate universe works. The evidence points to a universe that is billions of years old. The “laws of mechanics” tell us how the universe is expanding (defying the law of entropy). The measurement of the speed of light tells us how large it is. Micro-biology and genetics tells us how intricate and perfect living organisms are. Geology tells us of events that have occurred long, long ago. Anthropology studies events that happened thousands of years ago.

If the account of Genesis 1 is literal truth then God must have done His creative work someplace in the middle of time as we measure it. He placed the galaxies and all that they contain in a perfect place to continue on their journey through application of God’s “ology” laws. He created the earth in such a way that we could find evidence “in place” of things that appear to have occurred much earlier than could have happened with the Biblical account of creation.

In a way, it would be like starting in what appears to be the middle of a well plotted and scripted movie, where we “discover” as the movie continues what had happened before. Only all of the “evidence” is planted. The beginning of the movie IS actually the beginning.

So, as God reveals more and more of His great plan, His creation, through the discoveries we are making about His “laws of nature,” the results of His spoken word, I ask the question:

Is creation God’s great hoax?

I write this not to insult or to question anyone’s faith or beliefs, but to stimulate thought and comment. It is in various forms a question asked by skeptics, non-believers and, most importantly, our youth.

What are your thoughts?






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5 Responses to Is creation God’s great hoax?

  1. deltamudelta2016 says:

    Greetings Art,
    I am glad that you studied the behavioral and natural sciences for 60 years, that is encouraging. I am also glad you identify as a believer. However, my first question is not rhetorical. What is it you believe in? If you identify as a Christian, I will pray over the concerns I have for you. Meaning, I will pray proper interpretation comes, and your eyes are opened. If you are Jewish, then I understand your search.
    Is creation God’s great hoax? Since both Christians and Jews accept the Old Testament, we will start there. “Come let us reason, says the Lord (Isaiah 1:18, NKJV). If we focus on what we know, we have a limited scope. Our science can only see roughly 14 billion light years of the universe. We know that about 4% is matter, and the other 96% is composed of dark energy and dark matter.
    If we agree, then we only definitively know 4% of all we can observe in the universe. Since you studied the natural sciences , we know chemistry is not an exact science. Mathematics confirms there are at least 10 or 11 dimensions, and three or four we might have a pretty good understanding of.
    So, the evidence indicates there is a lot we do not know. So, how can we say, as humans, that the creation is God’s greatest hoax. All the evidence that we know and understand points to a multidimensional and temporal being who has a necessary existence as supreme sovereign.
    If there are 11 dimensions, we know of three and that is 27%. If the universe is approximately 999 trillion light years from end to end, then we can only see 0.0014% of the universe. The percent decreases as the number of light years increases. The numbers are just inaccurate approximations, but attest to how little we see, and how little we know.
    If we factor in how improbable life is on a planet that supports life, the odds are against any of us existing. Our planet survived a hostile universe long enough we could live on a planet in hostile universe. Yosemite’s super volcano has not had a grand eruption yet, which defies the odds. Giant space meteors have not collided with the earth destroying it into bits. Our earth’s orbit has not decayed enough over the years to the point where all life has become extinct. All of these reasons points to the oxymoron in your question. We all should be thankful that there is a God who has sovereign rule over His creation because if all life existed by defying the odds and probabilities, no can offer any explanation from science that explains why we are here when we should not be here.
    If you consider design of experiment and an intelligent designer who is multidimensional and perhaps temporal things start making sense. Furthermore consider Avogadro’s number and Planck’s constant (6.022×10^23 and 6.626×10^-34), there are events occurring on scales we may not fully understand while invoking loop and string theory or a combination of both. Hopefully, the length did not distract you. I do believe that we do not always need to invoke the Bible to offer an apologia for God’s existence. There are things that no man will ever know, and if all men were completely honest they would say all of whom and what they are came from a loving God by His grace.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Hi Deltamudelta,
      It has been a long time since Art (who no longer blogs here) wrote the above blog.
      I believe our great God whose thoughts are higher than man’s thoughts and whose ways are higher than man’s does reveal Himself and has works to us in measured terms, and there are yet many secrets that belong to Him.
      Deuternomy 29:29 “The LORD our God has secrets known to no one. We are not accountable for them, but we and our children are accountable forever for all that he has revealed to us, so that we may obey all the terms of these instructions.”
      The existence of the Lord’s secret being hidden from us do not represent a hoax. Their very existence affirm He is God and with our limited mind it is difficult to accept He is not a hoax.

  2. NikkiJR says:

    My thought is this:
    People put limitations on Yahweh by human understanding. Human understanding is limited. You want real answers? Pay for them, trust you will get them, and seek them by reading the entire Bible. There is no other way.

    • NikkiJR says:

      It’s supposed to say PRAY for them.

      2Tim 2:7 Consider what I say; and יהוה (Yahweh) give thee understanding in all things.

      • Nikki, thank you for your response. I quite agree, human comprehension of God’s mind is impossible. We simply are not near bright enough.

        As for God’s Word, I’ve read it cover to cover more than a dozen times, in at least 5 versions. Although I’ve studied neither language, I do extensive study of both the Hebrew/Aramaic and Greek words of key passages. And I pray continually that God reveal His Word to me.

        I’ve studied natural and behavioral sciences for over 60 years. As we learn the “laws of science,” I see them as the study and confirmation of God’s Word (Creation.) God spoke and all was created. Creation, as much as the Bible, is God’s Word.

        I do not expect all to agree with my views. What is most important are the 1st 5 words of Genesis: “In the beginning God created…” That is essential to the Christian belief.

        Shalom, Art

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