Can we have “shalom” and be at war?


Shalom... what a beautiful word, what a magnificent blessing.

In most of the world “Shalom” is translated into the word “peace.” And peace is conceived as the absence of strife or war.

I am sota a child of the 1960’s. What a complicated, horrendous, wonderful decade that was. The Viet Nam War, a very unpopular war. The Cold War. Flower children. Music that had meaning. Political strife. The search for inner harmony. Free love. The 1960’s was a decade of searching and finding, tranquility and strife, loss and confusion. Many here did not experience the 1960’s. It was long before you were born. But what a decade that was!

The “watchwords” of the 1960’s were “peace” and “love.” And they both had many different meanings and applications. I have spoken about love elsewhere. Let’s focus on peace today. Shalom.

In Israel, Shalom is the common word of greeting and…

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