No One Has a Bad Day in Heaven – God Has You Covered – Inspirational Bible Verses

No One Has a Bad Day in Heaven – God Has You Covered – Inspirational Bible Verses

Psalm 91:1 Shadow of God God has you coveredEver have a bad day? I know I have. Good news – God has you covered. 🙂

No one has ever had a bad day in Heaven.Why is that? It is because in heaven God has everything covered. God also has everything covered here on earth, we just need to learn how to get access to His shelter in this mortal world.

Psalm 91:1 Whosoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.I would rather be under the shadow of Almighty God than in the light of the world. If we allow ourselves todwellinthe presence of God, we will find shelter and protection from this world.

Psalm 31:20 tells us that God will hide us in the shelter of His presence, safe from those who scheme and plot to work against us. The shelter of God is found in His “secret place” – His heart, and His bosom, where He and the Son are one. Only those that are redeemed by grace are invited there, and able to have intimate communion with God – by the blood of Christ.

There is shelter offered by the world that may soothe and pacify us for a short time. There is no place that this world offers where we are completely safe from harm. Osama bin Laden hid in a compound thinking that he was safe from detection and harm, but his “secret place” was found out and he is no more.

The only safe place is in the shelter of God. God’s secret place is set high above the earth where we are out of reach from those who would conspire against us.

Psalm 61:2 From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than me.

Christ is the Highest Rock; He is higher than all the earth, and higher than the angels in heaven. Christ is our refuge, a strong tower in our time of need. When we are weary and in dire straits, we are covered by the shadow of God wherein lies a peaceful calm place where we are safe from all harm.

We all use the phrase, “I got you covered” all the time. We have all had someone cover us from time-to-time in life, at work, at war, or for duties that we were responsible for. Man’s covering is temporal, but God’s covering is eternal. Each and every one of us are responsible for the sin in our lives, and we were born to pay the penalty of eternal death for those iniquities. But by His sacrifice on Calvary, Christ has those covered too.

So if you are having a “bad day”, turn it over to God – He has you covered. If you are feeling vulnerable and afraid; run to your Father for protection, for in Him you will find a warm and cozy place safe from all harm. All is safe in the arms of God, He has you covered. \o/

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  1. ptl2010 says:

    O praise the Lord, He is our security and protection against all evil. Hallelujah! Claim it for your own. His promise remains ineffective as long as you do not claim it in faith. So do it today.

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