Fear the Lord Your God, Serve Him Only

Fear the Lord your God, serve him only

Fear the Lord your God, serve him only, does this really mean what it says? We live in a time and period where people have no respect of persons, places, things and authority let alone Fear God. We live in a world where everything is permissible. We live in a society where things are becoming permissible that are unbiblical and even are an abomination to God. We live in a world where sin is running rampant and is even believed to be ok. In a time like this how can we Fear God? What does it really mean?

What does fear mean? Now mind you I’m speaking from my humanness about fear, but I somehow believe in a Godly meaning, fear means so much more, a higher meaning if you will. When we think of fear we often think of being afraid or alarmed, or frightened. The fear this Scripture is speaking about I believe means to have a reverential awe of God. A profound adoring awed respect, to honor God. I could be wrong but I don’t think we are to be afraid of God in as much as we are to be afraid of GOD’S wrath, His judgement. I believe there is nothing wrong in having a healthy fear of God but God want us to honor, have reverence, stand in awe of Him FOR WHO HE IS.

Serve Him only means exactly what it says. In our time it is so easy to get lost in serving the things of this world. We serve our jobs, money, relationships, the list is endless. God is the only True God, let me clarify God is the one and only God! We are not to be confused with the temptations of this world
This is one of the Scriptures that Jesus quoted when being tempted by satan.

God wants to spend time with us, He wants us to spend time with Him. After all He pursued us first and He had His Son crucified, nailed to the cross for us to have life.

How you view God is important. What is your view OF God?


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5 Responses to Fear the Lord Your God, Serve Him Only

  1. ptl2010 says:

    The Lord loves us individually with respect even when we were in shame and sin. How can we do less to reciprocate – giving due respect and service to the best we can? It is our reasonable response.

  2. Easter Ellen says:

    I agree with your view. I explained to my step-daughter recently that it meant that He is more awesome and powerful than we can imagine and even though He loves us more tenderly than any parent ever could, He holds the power to have not forgiven us if it were not His ever-loving nature to do so. Respect, awe, reverence and love that is more than we know.

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