Eureka! Great Epiphanies often involve a lot of work.


“EUREKA! I have found it!” This statement is attributed to Archimedes when he had a great scientific epiphany while taking a bath. He “discovered” the displacement of water by his body. From this, we’ve learned to measure the volume of irregularly shaped objects (geometry) and buoyancy (shipbuilding). Archimedes was reportedly so excited that he ran naked through the streets.

Sir Issac Newton may have said much the same thing when the apple fell on his head. EUREKA! Newton “discovered” gravity!

Thomas Edison may have had a similar reaction when he invented the light bulb. Another “epiphany.”

Of course, each of these men had devoted years to their fields of study. These “sudden revelations” or epiphanies were when all of this study had come together to an “inspired” conclusion. Edison described this by saying that “Invention is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

Most of us who are regular students of God’s…

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