Collaborative Love is taught from the heart






A mother is your life line from conception to birth. The diversity of nurturing growth is patterned for the individual. Now there’s a heavy thought. Here is a view of collaboration I encountered between a young mother and daughter. (Remember, I am conveying a perspective as I hear this short conversation.) They are standing by a cart while waiting to cross to the parking lot….“So, she is not?” questions the daughter. “I guess not”, say the mother, looking downcast, and disgust on her face. Her daughter stance was a mirror of hers. I guess their ages might be close to 30’ish and 8yrs.

As children/teens develop their likes and dislikes from parents or authority figures in their life, it is critical that we as adults be sensitive to what we project in front of young impressionable minds. They attach our preferences and make them their preferences.   We must remember that the mind/brain develops the individual’s personality. Now, I read books on many topics of personality and growth. Mostly college must reads but I think one that I reference to most is Carl Jung. My own interest of study was Personal Development while going to school. My desire was to be a Probation Officer (didn’t become one) focused on inner city youth. I say all that to say this, I believe that you are never too old to change or too young to learn. I am a strong believer in transitions. We are our only roadblock. But one thing I have come to understand and respect is the power of transitions. We are each day passing through one phase of growth, whether it is physical or spiritual. We all have one thing in common through this transition and that is we are flesh and spirit. We each have been created for our existence and living in our environments is no freak of accident.

I live in an area that is lush and green because we get lots and LOTS of rain. We adapt our life styles (web feet) and come to understand those nuisances that best serve our needs, as do those who live in deserts, mountains, seashores and so on.   The key is who we are where we are. I bought a mug that I absolutely love because of the saying….”No matter WHERE you go, there YOU are.” (Corny but profound)

So, you are asking right about now, where is the correlation to a mother being a life line? It is in relation to legacy. There is a scripture that says train up a child in the way that he should go and latter in life he will not depart from it. [Proverbs 22:6] That is an aspect of the meaning to collaboration. What you impart in your role as a mother, mentor or authority in a young life IMPACTS them for their lifetime.

If you are one who is raising young children and are imparting a godly foundation, I say don’t forget to correlate your personal story or transition with those principles taught, so that you give a good balance for your child. [Isaiah 38:19]

To those who don’t care about godly principle and live another type of lifestyle, I say it is never too late to begin a change of communication styles. It starts with you and how you think. It starts with a new beginning in Christ Jesus and being filled with His Holy Spirit. It starts in changing the condition of your heart and accepting Christ into your life. His love is faithful and unfailing no matter what you face. It begins with asking Christ to forgive and take the hurt, the burdens and weight of disappointments.

There is a great verse that says in Lamentations 3:22-24

Vs 22 It is because of the Lord’s mercy and loving-kindness that we are not consumed, because His [tender] compassions fail not.

 23 They are new every morning; great and abundant is Your stability and faithfulness.

24 The Lord is my portion or share, says my living being (my inner self); therefore will I hope in Him and wait expectantly for Him.

The wonder of this transition is daily. Each day we have His love to impact someone’s life and bring the same hope. Whether it is your own child or someone that is close to you, let the same Grace that God has shown you be what you give and impart to them, lovingly and tenderly. It is not an easy road; I will be honest with you. But it is worth the time and effort to bring change and a good balance with a sense of unity in a Christ Centered life.

We can love because He first loved. [1 John 4:19] The truth of life is found in the life of Jesus. Learn about Him and the righteousness of God. Collaborate with the Word of God in your heart and walk with it in your life! He is your partner for life!



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  2. ptl2010 says:

    Amen to Zoey’s message.

  3. ptl2010 says:

    ChristianBlessings welcomes the team of 5 from Tapestry Treasures as they join our Contributors team today. May they be blessed as they are blessings here and the Holy Spirit inspires them to blog of their precious experience with The Lord.


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